Schedule a single recording

Regardless of whether a show is part of a series or not, you can record it as a single show.

To record a single show:

  1. Navigate to the Detailed Info screen for the show or episode you want to record, using either the on-screen guide or by searching.

  2. Select Record This, or press on the remote control.

  3. If you want to change one or more recording options, select Recording Options to display the Recording Options screen.

    A record icon appears under the title of the show, and the on-screen guide remains on the screen. Learn more about recording options.

You can also schedule a single show recording from the on-screen guide by pressing while highlighting the show.

On rare occasions, networks might change the airing time of a show. When a single recording of a show is affected by such a network change, a system notification about an electronic programming guide change appears in your list of notifications.

Recorded shows are actually recorded and saved on the storage device, not the TV Box. So as long as you leave the storage device powered on, your scheduled recordings will be recorded. It is not necessary to leave your TV Boxes on when you are not actively watching TV.

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