Changes to Google Fiber Phone settings

What’s happening with Google Fiber Phone?

There are changes happening to Google Voice, the technology that drives Google Fiber Phone, that impact some features for customers with Google Fiber Phone. First, all GFiber customers with a subscription to Google Fiber Phone will now be able to change their settings and access features right at Second, some more advanced features, such as Ring Schedule and Conditional Call Forwarding, will no longer be supported by Google Fiber Phone.

What do I need to do?

If you are a GFiber customer with Google Fiber Phone, when you want to adjust your phone settings, you’ll go directly to Don’t worry – there is a link right in your GFiber account page if you forget:

The GFiber customer portal, with the "Phone" section in the left nav bar circled in red

If you are a Google Fiber Phone customer with any of the advanced features that will no longer be available for your phone, we’ll send you an email encouraging you to check your settings to make sure your phone acts like you expect.

What features are going away?

While most advanced features are staying, a few features that create confusion and complication for customers, and a few that are used very little by our customers, have gone away. Here are the ones that are no longer be available:

  Call Forwarding Rules for Phone Boxes. Incoming calls will ring all phones connected to a Phone Box, more in line with how customers expect a home phone to function.
  Do Not Disturb Timer. While you’ll still be able to turn on and off Do Not Disturb, there will no longer be an automatic timer for call blocking.
  Ring Scheduling. All time-based ring schedules will stop working.

If you’ve been using other advanced features within the Google Voice interface, we encourage you to visit the Google Voice Help Center for other changes to Google Voice that may affect you.

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