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i live in the states but need to bring my 787 number is that possible? port Purrto Rico 787 when living in states Why so long to cancel a Fi account? I'm trying to cancel my Fi account to get the number into Voice and switch numbers with another Goog…
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Can I get Overnight shipment on a fi phone order? I need the phone shipped overnight and the order system won’t let me. Do I have any options?
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 4 Upvotes
I need to be able to set time controls for service, including data, texts and calls for parents. Verizon has smart family which allows us to set time limits which cut off data, text and calls at ce…
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problems with customer service Has anyone had problems with customer service in providing correct information on accounts status? I…
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Android Auto dropping when connect to car Why won't Android Auto stay connected in my car?! Since March, when I started with Project Fi & my M…
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 39 Upvotes
No Voicemail Notification on Moto X4 When someone leaves me a voicemail, I no longer get any notification. I have to go into the Phone ap… At our campsite in Greenwood, Maine, I get intermittent phone and text service. It is shown as a 3G area and others with Verizon service have no problem. Why? Ask the question How do I get everyone to see replies in group text? I cant find any setting that allows group to reply to all in group Can any Project Fi phones utilize t-mobile band 71 (600mhz) towers? Not Applicable phone doesn't ring for some numbers Standard phone ring tone. Some numbers ring. One number does not ring at all on my phone and only ri… Calls from some numbers get the generic Google voicemail greeting instead of my personal greeting. Ever since my wife started with Project Fi, 5 months ago, she has not been able to get her voicemail…
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