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Updated: Yesterday
How do i lengthen the time or increase the nr of rings before voicemail? I have a pixel 2. The phone only rings twice (i think) before it goes to voicemail. That is not near…
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Wifi calling worked fine when I bought the phone, suddenly it is way-unreliable, NOT acceptable I live in a rural mountainous area and do not have reliable cell signal at home. I previously had MV…
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Issues with sending/receiving SMS/MMS messages It seems that sending and receiving of SMS/MMS messages has been an issue lately for my wife and I (…
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Currently have a Pixel 3.Want to change phones for 5G.How does one transfer service? How does one change service from a Pixel 3 (eSIM) to a phone that requires a physical SIM?
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Need procedure to remove husbands phone from my group and port his number back to at&t Just learning how to port from google fi group back to at&t. Not ready to do it yet. Don’t have the …
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The last 2 days my Pixel 4 XL stopped connecting to open Wi-Fi networks. No issues with private Has anyone encountered a recent issue with the pixel for not connecting to open Wi-Fi networks. Priv…
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One specific WiFi network won't connect with splash screen, even in safe mode This is what the splash screen looks like on reload. It won't load any further. No other networks do…
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Not able to make calls on the sprint network, not sure if I can even receive Over the past couple of weeks my service has been terrible with constant areas of non-coverage despi…
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My pixel 2 stopped working. All I see is the G symbol and nothing else. I was on my Pixel 2 and it suddenly stopped working and displayed the multi-colored G symbol. We've … Can I split up monthly Fi payments? My income is very fitful these days and it'd be much easier to be able to pay my Fi bill off as the … I want to port my number from Verizon into Google Fi into a family plan. How do I request the port? My current connection is with Verizon and I have a Pixel 2 XL phone that I bought on Verizon (no con…
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