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Issue - Phone numbers formatted incorrectly I am in the US. When I make calls, about half of the numbers I try format/space themselves incorrect… How to use Google Fi number and Google Voice number on same device I would like to use Google Fi and Google Voice on my Pixel XL device, but the Google Voice app asks … How copy files from PC to Pixel 2? Trying to copy files from my Windows 10 PC to my Pixel 2 phone, and then access those files on my Pi…
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I have a phone and service with another company. My questions are about keeping my number. I want to keep my old phone number. I want to send in a working phone that qualifies for a discount.…
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How do I restore a Google Pixel from Google backup? Phone factory reset. How do I restore the phone from Google backup that was done before the reset?
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Why does aeroplane mode let apps recieve messages? I've noticed my phone is receiving messages on various messaging apps even tho my phone is in flight…
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How do I reverse two phone numbers on two phones/accounts? HELP!! I sent the txt below to Google Fi support by email and got passed around 3 for chats so far,,…
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Need to add a business number to my fi phone. How is the best/cheapest way? What is the best way to add an additional business phone number to my fi phone?
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Can I port two different phone numbers to a Pixel 4 XL utilizing the eSIM and Google Fi SIM card? My goal is to have one physical phone, Pixel 4 XL, and port my personal number to the Pixel eSIM and…
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How do I obtain claim number so that local authorized retailer can bill Google directly for repair? Since the call center is down due to COVID-19, I tried to file a claim online for a phone repair tha…
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Is there a system wide issue with making conference calls? My Pixel 3 will not make a conference call, merge two calls. The option is just not available. Same …
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RCS not working on Pixel 4XL RCS stopped working yesterday on my Pixel 4XL, when I checked it in the messages menu I get the atta…
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Pixel2, Android 10, How do I edit / add APN Cannot find an opportunity to adjust or add APN details using Android 10 (QQ2A.200305.002) on a Pixe…
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Pixel 3 no option to activate esim Turned phone off and on My Pixel 4 XL vibration is almost non-existent even when set to "high" vibration for calls and texts Tried factory reset, made sure with support that vibration setting was on high for both text and cal…
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