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Google Fi VPN "enhanced network" I've been reading about the relatively new setting for us Google Fi users in regard to enabling the …
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eSIM on Pixel 2 XL stopped working. When I try to activate using Google Fi app, I get ID: E0X20005. A few days ago my phone just stopped connecting to the cellular network. After digging through setti… Wifi Calling no longer working on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL Here is a list of things I have tried/checked: 1. Make sure it is enabled in the "Phone" app. Config…
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I want to talk to someone now pleasei needa number to call I want to talk to a person Can I switch from SIM to eSIM? I'm would like to use the SIM card of another carrier while still retaining my Fi number. I currentl… Unable to Receive Calls and Texts I’ve been unable to receive calls or texts since 12/30. All incoming calls now get: "The subscriber …
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Pixel 3aXL shuts down on its own if I keep it in my pocket for 15 minutes or longer Hello! Purchased a Pixel 3aXL on launch day. Copied over my apps and settings from a Pixel 2 (I'm us…
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Voicemails being deleted once they are listened to On Tuesday, 06/18/19, my Pixel 3a suddenly began deleting voicemails as soon as I had listened to th…
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