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Some inbound phone calls get an error message "Google subscriber is not available." One client complained that he repeatedly got the error message "Google subscriber is not available" … How to force WIFI calls whenever phone is connected to WIFI. It would be amazing to be able to choose to force calls to go over WIFI when the phone is connected …
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Not able to use Fi service at all (No calls and SMS in and out) Error Code: AZ133265/AZ13365/AZ13265 I just got my pixel 3 replacement and activated service successfully. But since then calls and SMS a…
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Why is Android Messages now requiring me to turn on either Wifi or Mobile Data? I used to be able to send simple SMS text messages from Android Messages without turning on Wifi or … Travel on Fi promotion with Google Voice number port-in I bought a Pixel 3XL on Travel on Fi promotion. The google voice number I am going to port-in is und…
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Pixel 3xl touch screen not responding Hello, the touchscreen on my pixel 3xl is not working. The screen turns on but I can't hit any of th… Google Fi App Using Data It's near the end of our Google Fi billing period, and we're seeing odd data use in our running bill…
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Can you get 24 month financing on Pixel 3 when adding member to a fi account. I am planning to switch to Fi with my girlfriend. I am ready to switch now and use my Pixel XL howev… SMS sending as email @msg.fi.google.com rather than plain phone number for 1/3 of conversation today Today, 13 out of 34 SMS conversations were sent/received from email addresses of phone number@ vario…
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2-Step Verify has me hemmed up. How to get out of this hell? Did a factory reset on my Pixel 2 XL as a troubleshooting step for failed camera on my device at req…
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Pixel 3 mic randomly stops working. I can hear the other party just fine, but they can't hear me. Pixel 3 mic randomly stops working. I know this is an issue but I'm not getting very good support fr…
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