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I'd like to unsubscribe from these e'mails Cannot find the link on the page.
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خدمة جوجل فاي لا تعمل في سلطنة عمان الخدمه لا تعمل على مشغل عمانتل
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How to find helpful customer service for an undeliverable phone. Fed-ex is waiting for further instructions after trying to deliver my phone to an incorrect address …
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Introducing a new Unlimited Plan by Google Fi (+ 50% off of the Pixel 3 & 3XL to celebrate!) Hello everyone! We’re very excited to announce a brand new Google Fi Unlimited plan! Now, you have t…
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if I dont like the fi service, I can take any phone I may buy here to another carrier at any time? ok, so I'm looking at phones and carriers, as due to..issues with my current carrier, virgin mobile(…
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I am being over billed by fi on accounts I did not start Okay so here it is. I started two Fi accounts and am being billed for three the 3rd I never started … Is anyone having billing issues now? They are charging me like $200 something and my bill is $52.00 The support call volume and chat is extremely high today. I'd just gotten a declined charge that cam… Does Google FI Support Apple Watch Cellular models? Does Google Fi Support Apple Watch Cellular Models? I have Apple Watch Series 4 and planning to swit…
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When will it come to the UK? Hi, I am a UK resident who travels a lot and I find this service very appealing but it only works wi… Cracked screen repair now available with Fi device protection, for eligible devices Hi everyone, We are excited to announce a new feature to our existing device protection program. Sta…
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UPDATE: 9/15 - 9/16: Planned maintenance period Hi everyone, From Sunday, 9/15 at 8PM PST through Monday, 9/16, at 6AM PST, we will be going through…
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Important tips for bringing your own device to Fi Hi Everyone, We wanted to follow up with some more information for those of you who have been thinki…
ISSUE RESOLVED: Some outbound/inbound calls not working on Fi UPDATE: This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know below if you continue to experience an… How can I delete all vms at one time How do you delete all your voicemails that one time Fi SIM cards now available at 500+ Best Buy stores Hi everyone, We’re very excited to announce that Fi SIM cards are now available for purchase in 500+…
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Calls for deaf or hard of hearing Can the plan for unlimited calls be removed if I'm deaf? Would the plan charge be adjusted to only u… Why did you block my google voice number Open my google voice account back oo
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