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Important tips for bringing your own device to Fi Hi Everyone, We wanted to follow up with some more information for those of you who have been thinki…
How I lost my contacts and how do I get them back on my old phone I have tried to recover my contact because somehow they just disappeared
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Hello. Is there a map stating all available Google Hotspots? I am planning to switch to Google Fi but the data plan is expensive for a student like me. The availability of hotspots would be my deciding factor to switch to Fi. Please do help me out. It would be great if there was a better comprehended way to find an area where google hotspots are a… Can I use Google Fi Data only for my Netgear Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot? Can I use Google Fi Data only for my Netgear Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot?
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Will I get Sprint 4g even if map says 3g coverage in my area I really want to switch to Google Fi. I live in an area with excellent solid (not extented) 4g Sprin…
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ISSUE RESOLVED: Some outbound/inbound calls not working on Fi UPDATE: This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know below if you continue to experience an… stop putting ur ads on my games when im playing them and utube when im listening to song three times enough ur annoying i wouldnt join now because u wont stop ur b.s stop ur ads from wreaking my enjoyment of my games and songs Other party can't hear me in phone calls The other party in phone calls cannot hear my voice. The audio cuts in and out or is only noise. The… Horrible battery drain issue with Project Fi SIM I switched to Project Fi about 2 months ago and noticed that my phone battery was draining abnormall…
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I can't get into FB and can't receive a code to reset password... what can I do? I'm trying to get into my FB page but it won't accept my password so I requested a new one. I can't …
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Is google fi its own cell service or are they piggiebacking off someone else? Looking for better coverage then sprint can't get a single when in doors What termination provider does Google Fi use? I'm not here for someone to help me troubleshoot as this audience simply isn't knowledgable in the a…
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my wife and i use the same gmail address. How do i order 2 phones. My wife and I have one gmail account and want to the same email address for both phones CatS41 compatibility Long story short, I bought a CatS41 with the GSM radios before moving to the boonies and realizing t…
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Google didn't refund me my money I saw the Google Pixel 3 was available, and started to navigate the UI. Then I saw Google has a carr…
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My phone was sent to the wrong address (in the wrong state) but ProjectFi says I signed for it. When I ordered my new Pixel 3XL from ProjectFi it somehow got a wrong address entered in. I noticed …
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Does google have a plan to offer google fi for people living in the Netherlands? I’m moving to the Netherlands and want to use google fi, but it’s not offered outside of the US. I’m… My Urgent Advice to those on a group plan Based on my own very recent experience: 1. If non-owner members of your plan want to buy a new phone… Any possible way to activate Sim on Lg Urbane LTE smartwatch? I know in the past the main barrier to using FI with a Smartwatch was that the sim had to be activat…
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