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What android phones with 5g capabilities will work 2019 Ask a question about phone compatibility How Google Fi has totally scammed me and now changes it's stance every step Hi, I'm now an ex-customer of Google Fi and it has been an utterly disappointing experience - especi…
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How to I reorder a cancelled order? I was rewarded a free Google Home Mini through Spotify and cancelled my order to change the address.… Best Chinese phone for Fi... Any suggestions? Any suggestions on a good budget Chinese phone that works well on Fi? It looks like Moto G8 is not d…
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How do I get my refund back from Google fi Have tried to contact google support about the situation and I can't get information about the probl… I tried to join google-fi but it says it is not available in my zip code, when will it be available to 92252? I have tried to sign up for service My phone was sent to the wrong address (in the wrong state) but ProjectFi says I signed for it. When I ordered my new Pixel 3XL from ProjectFi it somehow got a wrong address entered in. I noticed …
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I never signed up, but Google Pay says I have an active Google Fi subscription? I noticed under Google Pay it says I have an active Google Fi account in my Subscription Google didn't refund me my money I saw the Google Pixel 3 was available, and started to navigate the UI. Then I saw Google has a carr…
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Can I check comparability by my phone s imie number? (I have a phone from abroad) I purchased a phone from the internet and ended up stuck with a phone that will not work with my cur…
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If I am over seas (did not pay for calling service only have wifi) can still swich to this service? I'm still on a Verizon plan and did not pay for calling . Can I still start using Google fi? Can I c…
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Introducing a new Unlimited Plan by Google Fi (+ 50% off of the Pixel 3 & 3XL to celebrate!) Hello everyone! We’re very excited to announce a brand new Google Fi Unlimited plan! Now, you have t…
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ISSUE RESOLVED: Some outbound/inbound calls not working on Fi UPDATE: This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know below if you continue to experience an…
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