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SIM card registration in Costa Rica I have been in Costa Rica for 3 days and still cannot connect to a mobile network here. I have conta…
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Moto G7 and Call Screen Hello to the Google Fi Community Help Forum, I searched but could not find the answer to this questi… Moto G6 Wifi Connection Issues Over the past month my wifi connection at work has been spotty at best. I move between building site…
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Purchased Google Fi and a phone for a gift for my son... Will he be able to activate the phone under his Google account even though I signed up for Fi under … Need help with billing set up. I cannot set up billing option. This is what I have tried with no success: 1. On Google Chrome, I tr…
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My Moto g7 won't allow a software update. My Moto G7 won't allow a software update. It says error each time. Is there another way to do it?
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My Moto-6 Google-Fi cell phone suddenly had "no internet connection" and "no phone connection" eithe My cell phone suddenly said "no internet" and "no phone service" about 2 weeks ago. I removed, clean…
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How is the service coverage Do o have coverage in my area
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How do I start service today without using a credit card Add to someone else's account Why are the phone options so shitty now with Google? Been trying to buy a replacement, options suck. Got a Moto x4 like a year ago, and within six months the headphone jack stopped keeping cords in it.… MotoLenovo forums are down If you own a not-really-a-Motorola phone, be advised the https://forums.lenovo.com/ forums are in Re…
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VPN and data I upgraded to a G7 to get Android 8; I wanted the VPN feature. But I'm concerned about one aspect. T…
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