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Updated: Yesterday
Hi i need to NOT pay off my phone, can you make that happen? I believe the amount left on my phone pay-off was misunderstood or misrepresented. Either way, I'd l… Google FI "Enhanced Network" VPN never lets me connect to anything! When I turn on Google Fi's Enhanced Network Beta, and it turns on the Google VPN, I immediately lose… Can't make wifi calls when in airplane mode? I bought an LG G7 from the Fi Store; I'm trying to force it to use WiFi calls, so I've turned on air… My phone suddenly stopped working I have turned the phone on and off
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Google FI has crapped out while travelling outside the USA. Is there anything i can do? I think I'll need to buy another sim despite Google FI's claim that it works outside the USA. I'm in…
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I am having trouble with riger on my Pixel 3a XL-incoming calls do not ring increase the volume to max on ringer
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eSIM on Pixel 2 XL stopped working. When I try to activate using Google Fi app, I get ID: E0X20005. A few days ago my phone just stopped connecting to the cellular network. After digging through setti…
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The USB connection to computer on my Pixel 2 XL is not working I can't set my USB preferences nor connecting my Pixel 2 XL to my computer with a cable that can tra…
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