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Updated: Yesterday
Does anyone know how to get to someone in charge? They've been "working" on my trouble since Sept. How do you get to someone in charge of Operations? I've have had a trouble report since Sept. and th…
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Does Pixl4 have Google Fi by default if I change SIM? Hi, I just got the PIXL4 but I want to continue using my Tmobile SIM in it. Yet I also want the opti…
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Day 9 and no December Android update.... Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL bought from the Fi store and on Fi. Why have the updates been delayed? Other c…
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Product order showing they will not be delivered for a month. Not the first time, apparently. Why? I have placed two orders for new Pixel phones as part of the holiday sales in the last two weeks. Bo… Why do I have a T Mobile Device Unlock App that I can't uninstall on new Fi Pixel 4XL? My new, unlocked, Pixel 4XL on Fi has a "Device Unlock" app on it that I did not install. My last ph…
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How do I activate the new "Dual connect" Mode on my pixel 4? Hey, I recently saw articles about FI using the DSDS to make network switching more seamless through… Is there a way to forward text messages? I'm trying not to lose text messages that I receive on the inactive sim. I use dual sims on my Pixel…
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Fi Unlimited: Upgrade Storage of Companion on Account Hello. Two of us are on Fi Unlimited "family plan". I know that comes with 100GB free storage for ea…
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Do text messages transfer on SIM card automatically or if there a way to manually do it? I'm trying to transfer to a new phone and want to keep text messages.
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My Fi account is managed by google.com. How do I access my call records? tried to login through fi.google.com and was denied access
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What is google fi I'm trying to see what is google fi is before I get my self in to something I know nothing about Will I void Pixel 3a promotion if I activate on my existing network before activating on fi? Purchased pixel 3a for my wife with $249 promotion. Our current prepaid month doesn't end until the … Witch cell towers does google fi use? What towers does Google do run off of
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