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Can I make a FI agreement as a not US citizen? I am from Europe and in USA for the next month. I only have a European credit card from my bank at h… Why are are all downloads .bin files Everything I download is a .bin file (except for PDF files) A web page downloads as a bin file. Vide…
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Errors when sending photos through text message Every time I try to send a photo through text message it give me an error that the message has not s…
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I have a google fi sim card but have bought an iPhone xs with eSim and want to change to eSim I would like to change from Sim to eSim while keeping my same Google Fi number. Is this something I … increase number or length of rings on moto g6 We have been told that 3 is the maximum number per Google FI, my husband is disabled, it is not long…
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cant play mp4 attachment in gmail mp4 tells me to download it and then i can play it from my docs. I can also play it with windows mai… Designed for Fi Phones 2019/2020 I'm currently using a Pixel 1 and Nexus 5x. My Girlfriend uses a Pixel 3. My neighbor has a Pixel 2.…
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International plan roaming limits I am thinking of switching to project fi. I travel overseas for extended periods of time (6 months) … Any Google Fi users in/near Greenfield, MA - how's the coverage? I don't know anyone who uses Google Fi, and am wondering how the coverage is in my area of western M…
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How do I contact a customer service agent who is actually capable of provider customer support? I tried contacting support via email to return a phone. Even though I pay $5/mo extra, apparently I …
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