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No service and not able to port out I have been with Google Fi for 5 months and it has been working so far. Suddenly about 5 days ago, i…
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transferring data from one phone to another transferring data from one phone to another Trouble in Philippines data No service on my data sim in Philippines
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I wish I could disable Google Fi VPN when connected to my home wifi network Whenever I am at home connected to my home WiFi there is no need for the VPN to get connected. It sl… Recently, I've been missing phone calls. No ringtone. No notification that phone call has occurred Losing phone calls, no ringtone, no vibration, no notification. This appears to be a recent problem …
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Why does t-mobile show up on my start screen? Why is my system update from T-mobile? Normal? My phone crashed and did a system wipe. When I added my Google account back on the phone, I noticed … Unlocked iPhone previously activated on Google Fi will not accept Sprint SIM card Is there some type of ICCID lock on the iPhone that I need to unlock to now use my iPhone that was p…
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Pixel 4 Speaker breaking repeatedly I am using a Google Pixel4 64GB Orange. While I was on the speaker phone call with a friend, I heard…
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Errors when sending photos through text message Every time I try to send a photo through text message it give me an error that the message has not s…
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All my voicemails are gone A couple weeks ago, I'm assuming when the Phone app auto-updated on Jan. 21, 2020, all my voicemails…
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moto g6 - Voice to text messaging has suddenly stopped working. Microphone seems to be working fine Voice to text messaging was working fine. Now using mic does not convert to text. How do I remove the Google fi add so I can use my phone I want to remove the Google fii ad on my phone. I cannot get it to turn on turn off I cannot get any… Cannot merge calls When I am on an active phone call and somebody calls me, I am not able to merge that new call into t…
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Data usage keeps going unusually high. App usage shows Google Play services 207MB. How can I stop. Data usage keeps going unusually high, and it does not stop. App usage shows Google Play services 20…
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Is there a limit to number of people I can add to a phone call? I would like to have six or so people on a single phone call, like a conference call. Can I do that …
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