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Android 10 and Fi VPN issue I did contact support about this -- so far, they are of no help. So I wanted to find out if anyone e… I cannot receive incoming texts Since switching over to GoogleFi, only one person can send me text messages. I don't get any message…
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WIFI calling not working I am in a place that does not have cell signal but has a wifi connectivity. When I try to call, I ge…
0 Recommended Answers 15 Replies 57 Upvotes
How to get software updates on Samsung Galaxy S8 Active I have a Galaxy S8 Active 64GB (AT Does Fi have a way to require a pin code for SIM card replacement? To prevent phone number hijacking Can Fi require a pin number to issue a replacement SIM card for my phone number? The goal is to prev… Carrier Services Eating Data My carrier services process is eating data today (1/15/2019). So far it has used 147mb of cellular d… Still can't send images using Android Messages I still cannot send images when using Android Messages. I am a project fi user. In Android Messages,…
0 Recommended Answers 52 Replies 231 Upvotes
New Pixel 3a and international calling was unavailable. Why? I broke my Moto so bought the Pixel 3a. Didn't go thru the "replace" option, just bought it. Then ch…
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LG G7 Thinq Apps keep crashing Just about all of my apps keep crashing - Google, Gmail, FitBit, Schwab, my credit union - obviously…
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My calls go directly to voicemail? Why are my phone calls going directly to voicemail?
0 Recommended Answers 12 Replies 66 Upvotes
not able to enable hotspot on iphone not able to enable personal hotspot on iphone7 plus
0 Recommended Answers 20 Replies 32 Upvotes
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