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Cannot access my call/text logs beyond 6 months using https://fi.google.com/account#callhistory This is some bullshit. I am trying to access to me call and text history for last three years using … How do I block all calls from numbers not on my Contacts list? Ever since switching to Google Fi a lot of spam numbers have been getting through. Specifically, it'… Battery icon is outlined in red blinking light and phone is charged it's not due to battery saver op What will make my battery icon have red flashing light outlined around it I have the Alcatel phone
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eSIM on Pixel 2 XL stopped working. When I try to activate using Google Fi app, I get ID: E0X20005. A few days ago my phone just stopped connecting to the cellular network. After digging through setti… Why can't I forward my other Google Voice number to my Fi number? I want to forward calls from my other Google Voice number to my new Fi number. When I try to link my… change email can i change the email on the account? Why does t-mobile show up on my start screen? Why is my system update from T-mobile? Normal? My phone crashed and did a system wipe. When I added my Google account back on the phone, I noticed … The USB connection to computer on my Pixel 2 XL is not working I can't set my USB preferences nor connecting my Pixel 2 XL to my computer with a cable that can tra…
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Day 9 and no December Android update.... Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL bought from the Fi store and on Fi. Why have the updates been delayed? Other c…
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When I call a number I hear the menu but cannot select an option with the keypad I am calling an international number. The phone is connecting fine but when I hear the menu and try …
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Samsung A70 European version Hi All I am currently living in Europe and have a brand new Samsung A70. As I am moving to the US, c…
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Receiving message: MMS delivery failure; please contact Google Fi Support (1-844-TALK2Fi) When receiving group MMS messages I will occasionally get the message: "MMS delivery failure; please…
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Does anyone know how to get to someone in charge? They've been "working" on my trouble since Sept. How do you get to someone in charge of Operations? I've have had a trouble report since Sept. and th…
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