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Problem trying to port from Verizon Prepaid According to Verizon Prepaid, my account number starts with the letter A. I am trying to port into F…
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How do i setup without wifi Cant finish activation because of Wi-Fi issues
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Wondering when beta for iOS will be over? I'm highly considering Fi but not sure how I feel. Wondering when beta for iOS will be over? I'm highly considering Fi but not sure how I feel. I think…
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How to find helpful customer service for an undeliverable phone. Fed-ex is waiting for further instructions after trying to deliver my phone to an incorrect address …
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ATT says I need a Google PUK? We're trying to get my husband's phone set up. When we put in the unlock code, we must have put in t… I ordered a phone on Nov 3rd and it never arrived. No one has refunded me still. Worst service MONEY BACK I am not presently in the USA. Can I join and set up from Australia? I am travelling in Australia. Can I order my phone, have it shipped to Australia, and activate it fr… can i use oppo find x for getting google fi service? I'd like to know google fi works on my oppo find x. 6 Days no cell service I was going to come to FI, as I have tons of Google products. They initially has issues getting my n… Will FI work for Samsung 10+? Will Fi work for Samsung 10+?
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Does Google FI Support Apple Watch Cellular models? Does Google Fi Support Apple Watch Cellular Models? I have Apple Watch Series 4 and planning to swit…
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Google fi refuses to give me my $799 credit scam Google fi is running a huge scam. I bought my pixel 3 xl,then I saw this awesome deal where I could … How do I get someone to talk to on the phone about your services Need to talk to someone Where were you born? I am having issues with At I can't look into my email account. They keep asking me for a phone number but it is a old but I no Can't Get into my email account all of the sudden. The 2 step verification asking for old phone numb… Add mobile phone vivo Add vivo y17  Can you bring an iPhone of any generation to the bring your own phone program? Can I bring an iPhone to this plan? iMessage "waiting for activation" Context: I ported my number over from Verizon yesterday along with my iPhone XR, and my iMessage/SMS…
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