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Updated: Yesterday
Wrong email sent to user , fudged up order ... help please , I started a new account, deleted order I accidentally cancelled my order when changing an email invite , I ordered 2 google pixel 4a 5g on …
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Does the $100 off and $149 credit Black Friday Moto G Power deal work with an existing line? The 2020 Black Friday promotion says it applies when "you join Google Fi as a new customer or add a …
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I do not have an existing cellphone plan or carrier. How do you setup a new Pixel 4a? What is the procedure to setup a new Pixel 4a when you do not have an existing carrier or phone numb…
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Why is my confirmed previous carrier account information being rejected as incorrect? I purchased a Pixel 4a and am trying to transfer from Verizon to Google Fi. I have spoken with Googl… What to expect when transferring from verizon with ~100$ left on phone I haven't been able to find much information on what to expect from verizon as far as a final bill a…
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How do u activate a fi sim without a fi specific phone Activating my device with a zte
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I have been sim-les for a couple years - how to activate Note S20 Ultra 5g on Google Fi So I have been on the Nexus/Pixel line for 5+ years and this BlackFriday deal on Google Fi made want…
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When will subscriptions include the Pixel 4a (5g) and Pixel 5? I love the deal with the Pixel 4a being available on subscription and I love the price. I got all th…
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Subscribe and save on Pixel 4a Hi everyone, All new, just for you! Join our phone subscription program to earn savings every month.…
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