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Updated: This month
Will Google Fi support the new Galaxy watch Ultra? I have an S23 purchased from Google fi. I haven't seen whether Google Fi will support the new Galaxy Ultra watch. I want to buy it pretty sa… Sim card not working It shows no sim card detected, tried using new physical sims. One of the sims worked for a day and s… Mobile data and phone I am almost done with walking away from Google FII and this is my last ditch effort. I have had litt…
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International roaming cut off after 84 days Fi informs me that my international roaming will be cut off on August 10. I first roamed in Warsaw o… Data roaming I got an email saying they will cancel my roaming and it wont work in us territories. But i work as … International coverage drops 6 times daily. Customer service is a joke. At this point I feel like I've been completely lied to about internation…
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Military ID verification limit I tried to verify that I was overseas by showing my military status but it says verification limit r… Fi service Slow ser
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Coverage Issues and Network Connectivity on Google Fi Wireless I'm experiencing challenges with network coverage and connectivity on Google Fi Wireless. Despite be…
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Facebook doesn't work without wifi on iphone I can't get Facebook to work when not on wifi, it always says offline. I have an iphone Verifying State Department status Hello, I keep following the link to verify my status as a State Department employee to maintain Goog… International data cut off for one of our lines We have been traveling since the middle of May and we just got the warning about Google Fi suspendin…
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