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Hey when calls go to my voicemail there is an immediate beep followed by my greeting...confusing I've rebooted....sign out of gmail...cleared the cache on the phone... Wifi calling on iPhone with Google Voice? I understand that Wifi calling is not available on iPhones. It seems Google voice now supports Wifi … [0-785600025873] Google Fi account terminated. Supposed to be re-opened, but still can't see nothing I lost access to my Google account. Regained access to my Google account. Had my Fi account suspende… I want to know if Project Fi covetage in aruba Is Project Fi is available in Aruba?
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I don't receive a new voicemail notification on my Pixel 3xl, nor did it show up in the phone app. I've gone into the Google fi app and turned on/off/on visual messages and dial in access with a pin.… phone time changes when I get a call via Google Fi The clock on my phone sets to GMT every time I receive a call via Google Fi — problem has persisted …
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Will hotspot/tethering work on iPhones internationally? Has anyone tried to enable Personal Hotspot on iphone when traveling internationally?
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My phone keeps disconnecting in Italy after a few seconds I am traveling in Milan Italy. Connection has been great. I tried to setup thethering once and since…
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Having issue with inbound calls showing up as unknown on iPhone 6. Simple inbound caller ID showing as unknown for known contacts on iPhone 6. Need this resolved other…
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Are you supporting Moto G7 Power And band 71 which is listed on the phone specs support for band 71
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I am deploying to Afghanistan and would switch to google fi from Verizon if it is worth it. Is it? I am not sure if the coverage prices are for the US and then additional coverage is needed for abroa…
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Poor service in Qatar ISSUE: I was having poor service in Qatar while on Project Fi. My phone connects momentarily to LTE,…
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Google Fi SIM card has no data signal, only voice. I'm in Madrid and my main Google Fi SIM card, the one with my phone number, has stopped getting a da…
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Tired Thanks I give up Thanks
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How do I fix not being able to send pictures from iPhone to android after removing GoogleFi SIM card I recently used GoogleFi in Europe, and then switched back to my regular carrier upon returning. I h…
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