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Warning!!! Google fi suspended our service without warning and denied it to keep us as customers! I am not the type to ever write a review or complain, but my husband and I are so upset I have to sh… My outgoing SMS text messages are not delivered, seems to affect Iphone reciepients. MMS goes ok. The SMS messages I send are not received by the phone I send them to. My phone shows they were sent …
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No Network connection I didn't have network connection in the state of Bihar, India, for 10 days (4/10/19-4/19/19; the sit… Will a unlocked Pixel 3a, purchased from BHPhoto for example, be completely compatible with FI Use unlocked Pixel3a not purchased directly from the Google store or Google FI on the Fi network wit… Google Fi VPN "enhanced network" I've been reading about the relatively new setting for us Google Fi users in regard to enabling the …
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Issues with sending/receiving SMS/MMS messages It seems that sending and receiving of SMS/MMS messages has been an issue lately for my wife and I (…
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Connect in Belize Does service work in Belize?
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Calls Dropped Immediately My calls have been dropping immediately upon dialing, often times 4 or 5 times at a time before fina…
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Can’t send MMS pics to contacts from iPhone sometimes, any fix? Joined Fi right when they added iPhone support. Worked great for about 6 months, then all of a sudde…
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Using fi forever abroad Hello, I am using the fi Service since February in Germany without any problems. I save mutch money …
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[0-785600025873] Google Fi account terminated. Supposed to be re-opened, but still can't see nothing I lost access to my Google account. Regained access to my Google account. Had my Fi account suspende…
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