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I cant complete my google fi activation its saying my sims os invald I am a new google fi customer so I put my son in this device since it was compatible but it's saying…
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How is the connection with Samsung A71 on Fi? Read t-mobile customers have a lot of issues with A71 Thinking of purchasing
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If I call the Google fi customer too many times would their phone automatically block my number? Checked setting in spam and blocked calls Unable to receive calls after switching from Pixel 3 to S20 I upgraded a month ago and haven't been able to receive any calls. The caller gets an error message …
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Anybody having connection issues with pixel 5 when trying to connect to Sprint? Any successful fix? I reset all network settings cleared cache and storage of the fi app and carrier service plus the ph…
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Why is my signal almost useless? I’ve updated my phone and google and my service is barely useful
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This is by far the worst service provider I have ever had. Anyone have luck with escalating issues? I have no mobile data available on my phone to make a call. I spent over 4 hours now troubleshooting…
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Google fi does not work out the US Trouble using Google fi international
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Super Low LTE Signal and No 5G Hello All! So I just switched to Fi this week in order to take advantage of the promo they had on th…
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