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Shipment to wrong address My SIM card was sent to my old address and I have no way to get it. I need a new one sent to me.
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I'd like to unsubscribe from these e'mails Cannot find the link on the page.
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Why is my battery icon outlined in red? Why is my battery icon outlined in red? Phone is charged. I have never seen this before. How do you stop the Google fi emails Kill Google fi emails!!! Need help finding a phone that's through assurance wireless Need to find my assurance Wireless phone Ive been hacked Someone is getting my info From a malware app How do I remove Google Fi completely from my computer? How do I permanently remove Google Fi from my computer? How can we get Google Fi to care about the customer service they provide? I have asked to speak to managers multiple times who are unwilling and incapable of remedying negati…
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Is google fi working in Oman? Connect to Fi in oman
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if I dont like the fi service, I can take any phone I may buy here to another carrier at any time? ok, so I'm looking at phones and carriers, as due to..issues with my current carrier, virgin mobile(…
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Google One and Legacy Storage I'm considering the new Fi Unlimited that comes with 100 GB of Google One storage. I have 40 GB of L…
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HELP ME GET MY PHONE BACK PLEASE! I have been a Google (Project) Fi customer for ~2 years. I called in last Wednesday after my phone s…
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How to force mobile network video to SD? The new unlimited plan says that video will be reduced to 480p. Is there a way to enable this behavi… I have a google fi sim card but have bought an iPhone xs with eSim and want to change to eSim I would like to change from Sim to eSim while keeping my same Google Fi number. Is this something I … How do I retrieve saved voicemails? I seem to have lost all my saved voicemails by calling in and every time I hit the star key the mess…
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sms from pc *without* hangouts? Hi, I know it's possible to text from my pc when hangouts integration is enabled. While I was sad to… Now offering 50% off the Moto G7 Hi everyone, Now for a limited time at fi.google.com, Fi is offering 50% off (now $149) on the Moto …
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