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Important tips for bringing your own device to Fi Hi Everyone, We wanted to follow up with some more information for those of you who have been thinki…
Why is my fi app showing wrong data usage? Hello, I joined fi yesterday (July 11th 2019), and upon downloading and activating the google fi app…
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Extremely poor customer service during replacement phone order I dropped my Moto X4 last week and cracked the screen badly enough that it is no longer usable. I'm …
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Google didnt refund me Case ID [7-4678000023487] I cancelled Project fi service on Sep 5 2018. They informed that a credit …
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Filter Spam Texts Create spam text logic around a set criteria to auto block numbers and report messages as spam. Exam…
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How I lost my contacts and how do I get them back on my old phone I have tried to recover my contact because somehow they just disappeared
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Migrate SMS messages from Hangouts to Messages on Project FI I've followed the instructions here (https://support.google.com/hangouts/answer/3441321?hl=en) and w…
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WiFi Hotspot showing "error" in Settings For what it's worth. I arrived in Japan and couldn't start my Hotspot on my Pixel 2 anymore. It just…
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I have a google fi sim card but have bought an iPhone xs with eSim and want to change to eSim I would like to change from Sim to eSim while keeping my same Google Fi number. Is this something I … all volume setting at max on my moto x4 android. however i get very low ring tone. and music is low volume set to max, but hardly hear sound low ring when someone calls and music speaker is very low Can I 'dial from' my Fi number while using another Android phone? Currently, the Google Voice app installed on my Android phone has been configured so that 'outgoing …
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