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I am a current but soon-to-be ex-Google Fi customer. Here is my story and why I will be leaving Fi and never look bad. My recent horrid experience with Google Fi Support was the reason why I am leaving, specifically my experience dealing with a supervisor whose name is Kat, in the frustrating episode of trying to resolve a completely unexpected internal call charge of $120+ for the one month I was out of the US.

Here is how it transpired:

When I was traveling in Asia for the past month, I turned off Fi on the phone, got onto Wifi and made some calls, thinking that calling over Wi-fi was free. While I was still out of the country, a $170+ charge notification popped up, which was inclusive of a $120+ international call charge. I was shocked and contacted Google Fi support via chat (I was still out of the country and calling was not an option). The representative(s) said I should have put the phone on Airplane mode while making the calls. But I was not aware, and so Fi counted every minute and charged me the fee. I emphasized the fact that my Fi phone showed Fi turned off when I was making the calls (I made sure of it), and so the charge was completely not budgeted and not expected. I would even consider the phone setting (mine was a smart phone that I purchased directly from Fi) deceptive for a user, but I did realize I should have checked and therefore, had my share of responsibility.
I asked whether Fi could do something about the situation. Fi representative offered a $X one-time credit as curtesy. But I asked for further escalation with the ask of reducing the unexpected international call fee by half. Fi support representative said a supervisor would contact me via email within 48 hours. This chat happened Dec. 19th, 2018. Nobody from Fi reached out to discuss my case via email until Jan. 1st, 2 days after I reached out to Google Fi again via email and inquired about the same. It was a supervisor named Kat that responded to me via email. She informed me that 1) the $X credit would not be honored; 2) the charge was accurate and there was nothing Fi Support can do;  3) the only message she kept repeating was in the future, get your phone on airplane mode while placing those calls, in back-and-forth email exchange when I urged her to put herself in my shoes and show some compassion, which never showed.
So here is how the horrid interaction with Kat made me feel. There was no apology for making a customer wait for way beyond the cycle time initially communicated by Fi Support (instead of 48 hours, I did not hear back until 13 days later after I reached out to Fi support again). There was no “sorry, I understand this is a frustrating experience” – hence no demonstration of any compassion for a customer situation like mine. When I mentioned that it was not acceptable, and that would leave me no option but to leave Fi, she responded “you can cancel Fi any time” and incorporated the “how-to-leave” instructions in her email response.
I have been a loyal Fi customer for years, and was never late for any payment. This experience suffered at the hand of this Kat supervisor, clearly demonstrated that 1) loyalty and a good track record for years with Fi does not count; 2) Fi phone can be deceptive unless you read all the FINE prints; 3) there is NO compassion from Fi Support while resolving customer escalation; and 4) Fi Support does NOT care AT ALL whether you leave or stay. In fact, they gladly provide you instruction to leave.
The way I see it, I can get comparable service from Republic Wireless ($15 unlimited voice and text and $5/G of 4 G LTE data) or Mint Mobile ($15/month for unlimited voice and text and 2G of 4G LTE data). Although I have no major complaint about the Fi product (other than periodic dropped calls), there is NO reason at all to put up with the horrid Fi support represented by this supervisor named Kat, when I can easily get similar product from lower costs provider such as Republic Wireless or Mint Mobile. If Kat represents the spirit of Fi Support, I cannot imagine how Fi can ever excel in customer service in issue resolution. She is the reason I am leaving, and will never look back.

I contacted Fi today to settle all balances (including paying off my device balance) and leave immediately after the current cycle. I was on hold and on the phone with someone for over 40 minutes, but I was told that it could not be done and Fi Support would have to call me back. As soon as I can, I will settle the balance and go somewhere else.
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Can you explain what you mean by "Turned off Fi on the phone"?
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There was an icon on my phone screen that says Fi On/Off. But really, my intent is to share the experience (so what I experience hopefully won't happen to someone else) and move on.  So no offense, but I will not be spending more time further explaining the situation by providing more details.
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Problem was caused by user error and lack of knowledge of how WiFi works in some countries.  Plenty of posts out there talking about WiFi is not always free like it is in the United States.  Google Fi has no corrective action to take or offer.  Nothing HORRID about this at all.
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I am so very upset that I have been without phone service for a week...and waiting for a another new sim card to come in the mail.  My son wanted me to join with his plan.  Google fi said I had to get rid of Sprint first.  I did.  I am a substitute teacher and need my phone.  If I did not promise my son, I would have kicked google fi to the road, and joined another phone service.
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