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my phone will not turn on. My phone will show Google on and off maybe 2 seconds apart.. Anything I can do? 0 Recommended Answers 12 Replies 75 Upvotes
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I'm trying to start up my phone.
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Hi Judy, welcome to the Google Fi User Forum!
Which Nexus device do you have and is it still under warranty?
Hope this helps!
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Sad, they are not going to do anything about it if your phone is not under warranty even though it is a manufacturing defect!
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Nexus 5x and not under warranty.
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My Nexus 5x had the bootloop of death (BoD) issue back in January. Luckily I had purchased the protection plan and was able to RMA my phone for a refurbished phone. Unfortunately, the refurbed phone is having the exact same problem almost 2 months to the day that my old Nexus had.

I've been reading XDA Developers for clues on to fix this problem myself, but every answer involved either rooting my phone or using a modded ROM. That's something I don't feel comfortable doing because 1) it voids my warranty and 2) it'll probably cause more damage than has already been done.

In respect to what's causing the BoD in the first place, 1 post i read says it's a hardware issue where another suggests its the software (OS) not playing nicely with the hardware. So both seem to point to a hardware/performance issue.

I'm waiting to speak with support to try to fix the problem, but this is frustrating!
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My trusty Pixel XL just had this BoD issue and was stuck for a couple days, even after I did the factory reset. I have been reading about other experiences (Lots of complaints on this one!) and it seems like everyone just has to buy a new phone. So instead of sending in for the recommended $400 fix, I decided to spend $250 to purchase the new Moto phone.
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Same here, happened yesterday. Were our phones rendered obsolete by design? Such BS.
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My 2016 Pixel did this last night. And I'd just finished paying it off.

Not happy.
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My pixel2's screen went dark and blank - all of a sudden despite the fact I believe I am a good user of gadgets. It's not easy to find technicians who fix Pixel phones unlike iphones and samsungs..Google recommended ubreakifix or puls aren't good - they either give very long estimates or quote $$$. I am in the market after just 1.4 years of purchase at full price of $700. I wish Google made reliable phones, never happened to any of my iphones!
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ลืมระหัดก่ 9
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You're lucky, I have been waiting for over a month for google-fi to replace my warrantied phone that died 4.5 months into use after a google system update boot looped/bricked it. Never rooted, never unlocked.  They keep spouting mysterious "back-end" issues that only a "specialist" can resolve.  In other words, the "merry go f'k yourself" move, numerous emails and calls to check on the status and I'm still without a phone.  Missed last day of my twins kindergarten due to no backup phone, had I known google, a multinational, multi billion dollar company couldn't resolve a warranty issue in a timely manner, I would've gone with another company.  Long story short, my wife was called instead of me, she's a nurse and was in the middle of her shift, to pick up one of our children from the emergency room.  Nuff said, done with nexus and pixels, as soon as i get my warranty refurbished replacement, I'm done with google.  But they keep sending ads to upgrade from pixel 2 to 3 or 3a, as if!
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Wouldn’t your wife already be at the hospital? I have boot loop on an 2016 activation pixel and I have a system not responding on a 2019 activation pixel. But I just went and picked up a pixel 3a so I’m an idiot too.
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I just had the same problem with my Pixel XL. It went to a black screen (won't recharge, won't reboot, nothing), and because it's not under warranty, Google told me I was out of luck and needed to buy a new phone. I took it to a third party repair shop that google pointed me to, and they said this was a common problem with the Pixel XL that they see all the time, because it's an experimental phone. l would have liked to have known that when I bought it. I would have probably bought an iPhone instead, because at least I know those aren't experimental.

Google built a faulty phone, sold it to me for 600 dollars, and now expect me to buy another one. No wonder they took "don't be evil" out of their company policy.
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