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Phone call quality with Pixel 3 XL is very poor even when full bars for carrier signal. 0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 78 Upvotes
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The Pixel 3 XL over Google fi has been nearly useless for calls. People on the other side often cannot hear what I'm saying. The poor voice quality is not isolated to a particular method (wifi or carrier), signal strength (happens with full bars), or location (happens everywhere around the bay area). 

Symptoms include:
1. Other party unable to hear what I'm saying although I can hear them
2. On my last conference call I dropped 20-30 seconds of the incoming every couple minutes.
3. Smaller breakups are frequent as well
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Please do not call that number.  It is a scam.
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DO NOT call the number above, it is a SCAM and will be removed shortly.
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Update: The changes below did NOT fix the problem. On a subsequent calls, the sound was garbled many times during the conversation. 

I finally got a hold of google support chat after trying multiple times. Their steps to fix this problem seemed to fix the call quality issues. These were: 

1. Settings -> Apps -> Google Fi -> Clear data / cache
2. Go back to google fi app, and reenable with settings 

To google management: I have never experienced a carrier with such poor customer service. Google fi's support lines can't handle the volume and drops inbound callers. Support chat was blocked due to too much volume. Support call requests were never returned. Then you send the overflow to community support - seriously? 

Those in this community and on the google support front line have always been patient and helpful. However, Google fi management should be ashamed of themselves for not staffing to the levels necessary to provide the bare minimum quality of customer service.
Last edited 12/21/18
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You guys - contact Google support. I just went through some steps with them and my call quality is way better. Highly recommended.
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I had terrible reception problems with my brand new unlocked Google Pixel 3xl on a Verizon network in all locations including within the middle of my city. The reception would come in and out to the point of it being unusable, including dropped calls and calls that won’t place. My lifey also has Verizon and her reception would be perfect, so I believed it to be a flaw in the Pixel 3xl antenna or a software issue. I also had no ability to place Wi-Fi calls or use the internet while on a phone call. Wi-Fi calling was not an option in my settings. After running through Google’s useless trouble shooting protocol, they sent me a new (refurbished) phone. I had the exact same problem with the new phone. If these are your problems, I likely have your solution.
First attempt to dial the following code *#*4636#*#* as if it were a phone number. For some reason I would sometimes have to try this twice in a row to get it to work. A settings window should appear. You need to see if ‘Volte provisioned’, ‘Video Calling’, and ‘Wi-Fi Calling’ are selected on. The Wi-Fi calling is synonymous with ‘HD Voice’ and ‘Advanced Calling’. Select these options on. If this solves your problems, great. THIS DID NOT WORK FOR ME. For me the settings would automatically be switched off within a minute and these functions never became available.
‘Volte provisioned (HD Calling)’,
‘Video Calling’
‘Wi-Fi Calling’
This was simply a checked box within my account that was switched off. They were selected on for my lady but not for me for unknown reasons. The phone now works flawlessly with perfect reception, Wi-Fi calling, and I can use the internet while on a phone call. I am uncertain if this problem exists with other mobile carriers. After months of exasperation and nearly buying another new phone, this was the solution. Best of luck!
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