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Hi Everyone,

We wanted to follow up with some more information for those of you who have been thinking about making the leap to Fi with your own device.  Here are some tips you can use to help get started.

Tips for Bringing-Your-Own-Device on Android
  • You can use the SIM card you already have, or any Fi SIM: Any Fi SIM, active or not, will work with Android compatible devices (iOS devices require the new SIM with activation code printed on the front). All you need to do on an Android device is download the Google Fi app, insert the SIM, and activate using the app. You will still need to keep the Fi app installed after activation. If you're receiving an error code when trying to activate on Google Fi, make sure you're using the latest version of the Android Google Fi app.
  • Text voicemail Transcripts are available to you: If you’re not already getting voicemail transcripts via your phone’s visual voicemail feature, you can use our new text voicemail transcript feature. This new feature sends you a text message with the transcript when you receive a voicemail message is available to all Fi users, regardless of platform. To turn it on go to the Fi site and log in with your account. Then select Settings → Voicemail → Voicemail transcripts.
  • Download Android Messages if you want even more messaging capabilities: Almost all Android phones can also use Android messages. If you want to be able to send SMS over WiFi, or use some of the latest Android messages features like messages for web, you’ll need to download Android messages and set it as your default for text messages.
  • Dual SIM works: Fi now works with Dual-SIM phones, but the SIM card must be in the “primary” SIM slot in the SIM tray.
  • You can try devices not on the list: Beyond our compatibility list, you can also activate devices more generally, as long as they run Android N or later, and have LTE band 2 and 4 (most US GSM devices will have this). All you need to do is download the Fi app and go through activation with the SIM card in the device. Please note that Fi has not tested all devices, so we can’t guarantee that everything will work.

Tips for Bringing-Your-Own-Device on iOS beta
  • Install the Google Fi app: Before you begin, make sure you have the Google Fi app installed. You will need this to activate on Google Fi. Keep it installed to receive important messages about your account and services. If you already have an active Fi SIM card, you can swap it into your iPhone and get started right away (when prompted, tap “I’m using my existing SIM”).  If you don’t have an active Fi SIM card, you will need to order one with an activation code from fi.google.com (it’s free!). If you're receiving an error code when trying to activate on Google Fi, make sure you're using the latest version of the iOS Google Fi app.
  • Don’t forget MMS setup: MMS setup and APN setup is required to get your messages working, so don’t forget to complete these steps during activation. The Fi app will walk you through every step.
  • Turn on data roaming - it’s free! While many carriers charge you extra for international data roaming, we don’t! Turn this on in your iPhone Settings (under Cellular Data Options) to get international coverage abroad in over 170 countries, all at the same price as data at home.
  • iMessage works out of the box: Top apps like iMessage, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, and Facetime will all work the same with Fi as with any other carrier.
  • You’ll receive text transcripts of your voicemails: Visual voicemail doesn’t work in our iOS beta, but you’ll receive your voicemails as texts (we'll transcribe them for you). You can also call Fi to check for new voicemails.

Additional Reminder: When you transfer (or port) your number to Google Fi, most transfers take less than 15 minutes, but some can take up to 24 hours. More info on transferring your number to Google Fi here.

If you're receiving an error code when trying to activate on Google Fi, make sure you're using the latest version of the Android or iOS Google Fi app.


-Kelly, Google Fi Community Manager
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I am using a OnePlus 5 with a T-Mobile SIM and it still says I must use a Google Fi SIM. App is up to date (says updated on nov 28th, 2018 -  this system won't let me put a version number because strings of numbers violate the content policy) so not sure whether your information is accurate.

I ordered a Google Fi SIM on Nov. 28th to take advantage of the bring your own credit since there were no prompts to tell me I could use my current SIM. Fedex has still not delivered it. If I don't receive the $200 credit plus the $20 friend referral, I cannot justify the switch to Fi.

You have my order information and an unanswered support case email. I will not waste my time waiting on the phone.

Please remedy this situation.
Last edited 12/11/18
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Do not call above fake Google support phone number!
Protect your information & avoid or report spam:
Last edited 1/4/19
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That first bold statement is very misleading until you read the paragraph. If you are bringing a device from another carrier., that SIM will not work. 
Last edited 5/6/19
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Hi Kelly!

I've been stuck trying to bring my phone to Fi all month (since Dec 1). Support has been notoriously unhelpful - either flat-out ignoring my emails, or when I did finally get in touch (on Dec 10), escalating my ticket to a team that never responds. Is the support team still slammed from the Black Friday promotion fiasco? Should Fi customers routinely expect to wait for weeks to get a response?

Thank you,
Last edited 6/16/19
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