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Last edited 12/20/18
Wondering about your eligibility for the 11/28 Travel on Fi promotion if you transferred your Google Voice number?
As long as your Google Voice account was created before August 28th and you satisfy all other terms for the Travel on Fi promotion (including successfully completing a purchase on fi.google.com or store.google.com on November 28th, prior to 7PM PT), you do qualify for the Travel on Fi promotion.


Google Fi Customer Support Update: We know you may have tried to contact us recently and we want to sincerely apologize if we haven't been able to chat with you directly. We’ve been experiencing much higher volumes than we’re used to, so we appreciate your patience.

We always want to make sure we’re doing the right thing, so we’re working hard to address your questions as soon as possible.


Hi everyone,

Many of you have reached out with questions regarding your recent orders, so we wanted to try and save you some time with this post. Please see below for clarifications related to order shipment status, our recent promotions, activation issues, and trade-ins.

Delayed device shipments and notifications
If you’re wondering when your phone will arrive, rest assured that you’ll receive an email with the details of your delivery date. Please note that unfortunately Fi Support does not have any additional information on your shipment, so you do not need to reach out to Fi support for additional details. Once you receive your order tracking number, this will be your best indication of package delivery date. We will always update you with any changes to your delivery date via email. Thank you for your patience.

Price protection for Black Friday promotion
For those of you that purchased a device as a part of our Black Friday promotion (on fi.google.com: November 23rd - November 27th; or on store.google.com: November 22nd - November 27th) and attempted to contact us on November 28th to receive price protection-- this will be honored (even if you weren’t able to speak with Fi support directly), so long as you satisfy the activation, service, and longevity terms of the Travel on Fi promotion.

You do not need to contact us to receive price protection. We will be sending out an email to all applicable customers within the next week confirming this.

Activating your ‘Compatible with Fi’ device
Check out our help article here about activating your new device on Fi.

Wondering about your eligibility for the 11/28 Travel on Fi promotion?
If you were eligible for the Travel on Fi promotion and successfully completed a purchase on fi.google.com or store.google.com prior to 7PM PT on 11/28, you should have received an email confirmation from us today.

Please note: This email contained outdated information regarding trade-ins. Please see below for the updated information.

Trade-ins and the Travel on Fi promotion
If you initiated a trade-in alongside a device purchase on November 28th, you do qualify for the Travel on Fi promotion. You can redeem a travel gift card in the amount you paid for the device, excluding taxes, which is the phone price. You'll get your trade-in value as a Fi credit, in addition to the travel credit.

Please note: This answer has been updated from our previously posted FAQ. We heard your feedback and apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


Reminder: When you transfer (or port) your number to Google Fi, most transfers take less than 15 minutes, but some can take up to 24 hours. More info on transferring your number to Google Fi, below:
If you're receiving an error code when trying to activate on Google Fi, make sure you're using the latest version of the Android or iOS Google Fi app. 


- Kelly on behalf of your Fi Family
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THANKS!  This is great, answered all my questions.
Last edited 12/5/18
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Thanks for the update!
Last edited 12/5/18
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Thanks this should help a lot of users out there
Last edited 12/12/18
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Perfect - thanks!
Last edited 12/5/18
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I'm so disgusted that for the first time in many years, I'm going to start looking at other brands.  I ordered, paid $1900, was told that I didn't qualify because I was 15 minutes late on the deal (finished my deal at 10:15), so I cancelled it.  Now I feel like I should have kept my order because Google seems to be coming around... of course I listened to the google rep who suggested I cancel.  It would be nice if someone would fix this.
Last edited 12/17/18
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The phones I purchased are Christmas presents and won't be opened until December 25th. One of the requirements is that they're activated within 15 days of shipment. How can I make this work? Side note, I also won't be able to complete the trade-in until the phones are opened.
Last edited 12/5/18
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The 11/28 "Travel on Fi promotion" clarification is still not crystal clear.  I placed my order on 11/28 at 7:15pm-PT, and I have not yet received any confirmation of the offer.  I have not received a reply to my email, and I have not been able to get a hold of anyone.   If you won't honor the offer, please cancel my order. this service is terrible.  thanks.
Last edited 12/29/18
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Can you please also send an email to those who successfully placed Pixel orders on November 28th but did not qualify for the Travel on Fi promotion because you reached your cap? I've heard some cutoff times talked about before and I should be eligible I think but I didn't receive an email today. I also am pretty sure, the promo was showing up on the checkout page till right before I confirmed payment.
Last edited 12/5/18
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For the recent promotion where gift card of equal value can be provided, the requirement of phone activation and number transfer has to be done with 15 days of shipment. Is the 15 days within shipment the day it’s shipped from google or the day the package has been signed? If former, what happens if the package is late due to unforeseen circumstances? 

Last edited 12/5/18
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I trying to get my old account back I can't seem to find somebody to stand up for me and l just wanted to get my old account back so my old c contact my pictures and everything
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