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Hi everyone,

For those of you that purchased a device as a part of our Black Friday promotion (on fi.google.com: November 23rd - November 27th; or on store.google.com: November 22rd - November 27th) and attempted to contact us on November 28th to receive price protection-- this will be honored (even if you weren’t able to speak with Fi support directly), so long as you satisfy the terms of the Travel on Fi promotion. Therefore, you do not need to contact us to receive price protection. We will be sending out an email to all applicable customers (with the full terms) within the next week confirming this.

These are some of the important terms and conditions (below) you’ll need to satisfy to receive price protection:
  • Activate your phone within 15 days of device shipment
  • As a new Fi user, make sure you finish signing up for Google Fi at fi.google.com/signup. You can refer to your setup email from Google Store for further instructions.
  • If you’re new to Google Fi, you will need to transfer your personal number to Fi from your current carrier. Your number must have been created prior to 8/28/18 12:00 AM PT.
  • If you’re a part of a group plan, each phone must be activated by members in your group plan and satisfy the terms and conditions.
  • There is a limit of one promotion per person.
  • If eligible, please note that price protection will be provided for the difference in Black Friday and Travel on Fi promotional values in the form of Fi service credits.

Reminder: You do not need to contact Fi Support to receive price protection. We will be sending out an email to all applicable customers (with the full terms) within the next week confirming this.

Thank you,
Kelly - Google Fi Community Manager
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Wow that's awesome and very nice of Fi
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Wow!  Google keeps surprising in the most positive ways.  Keep it guys!  <3
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Wow that's wonderful; I had contacted Fi about this and never heard back because of how overloaded things are. I'll look for that email in the next week. Thanks for trying to make up the customer service delays to us.
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Lol 'Nice.' Its going take longer than 15 days to get my phone and they already got the device protection plan running on me, wow how awesome and nice they are. I feel like I'm gonna get hosed on the Black Friday deal too. This whole experience has been a disaster. Absolutely regrettable.
Last edited 12/1/18
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The black friday deal i got was 200$ Off the Pixel 3 XL, and another 200$ in Fi phone Credit for transferring my line. I also did the trade in offer of 355$ for my current Iphone. My total cost was 799$. So will i gett 799 back in Fi credits or will i get 799 Minus (200 Activation)= 599 in credit. Also, how will my trade in phone affect the price match will it also give me credits or will it be counted as another promotion and become (599 Minus 355 Iphone) = 344 price protection credit I would get? Thanks in advance!
Last edited 11/30/18
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Human mistakes are inevitable, but they are clearly trying to make up for any frustration they might have caused.  Just think about how hard it must have been to answer all those never-ending phone calls on Wednesday.
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I appreciate that Project Fi is trying to do the right thing by honoring the price for those of us who purchased  phones on black Friday.  However, the idea that you can tell for sure that we tried to contact support is frustrating.  Chat was down and I couldn't get in.  The phone system was overwhelmed with extremely long wait times.  Please honor this for myself and others without requiring that we waited on hold for hours.  Some of us can't always do that.  Even honoring a portion of the deal would be better than the current position.  Please do the right thing.
Last edited 11/30/18
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Great!I really enjoy this service.
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Will purchases made November 28th evening be honored?
I tried to contact all day, but am unsure whether I made the cutoff.
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That's the thing. I bought it Nov 23 ET (based in DC) with order confirmation of 1:13am ET. But I'm told that the promotional period starts at Nov 22, 11pm PT so my purchase of 10:13 pm PT disqualified me. 

But this post nor the actual promotion terms does not specify Nov 22, 11pm PT. Because the fact that I purchased it with $200 off and add'l $200 (promised) Fi credits means my purchase meets the BF promo. Hence also qualifies me for the Travel with Fi promo of Nov 28 which should be full Fi credits equivalent to the phone purchase price. And yeah, I called Nov 28, waited over an hour and spoke to someone during the Fi Nov 28 promo.

Am I missing anything?
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