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What has happened to Project FI? Horrible customer service, actually worse than AT&T 0 Recommended Answers 4 Replies 12 Upvotes
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Nine days after I ordered a pixel 3, it disappeared in a Fedex warehouse.    When I called Project Fi support I was told the phone had been sent to Fedex and there was nothing Fi could do until Fedex said it was lost.  I talked to Fedex, twice, and they said they don’t know where it is and that I needed to contact Google.  In the first conversation with Google Store this morning they tried to transfer me to Fi but after 20 minutes of the same music I assumed something had gone wrong in the transfer and I hung up.  I emailed/called another Google number and after 25 minutes I was told that the only way to find out what has happened is to go on hold for project Fi and be prepared to wait about 20 minutes because they are very busy.  I  already had 40 minutes of that same music on hold and I just can’t do it anymore.

Finally got through to project fi and they said -after another 25 minutes on the phone - that someone would get back to me in 24 to 48 hours, the same thing they told me 5 days ago.

Project FI/ google fi is no longer the organization I’ve dealt with for the last 3 plus years. Now they are competing with AT&T for bad customer service -very long holds, switch departments, more holds and then sorry there is nothing I can do...someone will get ack to you in a few days.. 

It seems that only option is to call my bank to protest the charge for a phone I never received and then find a non-google phone and probably a different carrier.  What a disappointment after such good service for the first 3 years.   Maybe Fi's gotten enough market share now to tell us customers to pound sand.
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We had nearly the same thing happen but the order was lost before it even made it to Fedex. After waiting two weeks for an update, we were advised to cancel the order (which we did) and order a new one (which we did on my account). That phone arrived without issue. 
Then last Monday we were billed $899- (after being charged twice and refunded twice earlier in April due to Google Fi's mistake). After hours of time wasted with customer service, I called my bank and reported the charge as fraud. It was then that I found out that the charge wasn't for the phones on my account, but for the cancelled phone on my husband's account. Week two and still no refund though they say that it's been escalated. Thank God our bank is covering the $899- while they investigate.
The kicker is that Google Fi didn't reveal where the charge came from (our bank did) and still hasn't reached out with an update or apology. Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.
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I've been trying to get resolution from Google Fi for weeks now on an issue that they created and took 3+ weeks to fix. They offered a $15 credit and I said it was insufficient due to all the time/energy/aggravation that I had to deal with. I was point-blank told via a "supervisor" that they were the highest customer facing person I could speak with and that I was effectively out-of-luck. 

I've tried several times to reach Anthony Valente, Google Fi's  Director of Customer Service via phone and by sending a physical letter. This was 3+ weeks ago and not a single response from anyone. 

Google Fi has 2x interacted with me via Twitter, but when confronted with actual facts about their shortcomings, they've stopped responded to the DM's that they requested I initiate.

Google has quite arguably some of the worst customer service I've ever encountered.
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I am in a similar situation. When I signed up ~2 years ago, everything seemed smooth. I haven't had any reason to contact support until recently when I needed to request a replacement under warranty for my phone. After requesting the replacement and VERIFYING MY NEW HOME ADDRESS they STILL sent the phone to my old address in a different state and I only realized this when looking up the status of tracking # and seeing it was delivered in a different state. Of course I was charged over $800 for a refurbished replacement phone that has been out for over 2 years and Google sent it to the wrong address! And all Google can tell me is that I am responsible for the phone. Now not only am I without a cellphone, I'm frantically trying to figure out how to make sure this $800 package is not stolen off the porch of a house in a completely different state. And, I have to wait EVEN LONGER now because of Google's mistake. I had to take time away from work today to call Google and notify them of their mistake, and after an hour of being constantly placed on hold, was told by a supervisor named "Antonio" (whom refused to give me his last name or any other form of identification) that the most they could do was give me $5.00 credit  Honestly, Antonio was using double negatives and could barely put a sentence together and has no place in a supervisor's position for that alone, but after only offering me $5.00 for the amount of stress you have put on me in the middle of a workday, I hope you lose your job "Antonio".
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I am having a terrible time with their customer service.  I am guessing Google has outsourced their support and they are working from a really limited script.  But it has been awful.  How is there no way to reach someone who is able to handle a more nuanced situation?  It's like they aren't even reacting to what I am actually saying
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