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Over the past few days I've seen an increase in shortcode spam.   They're not legitimate messaging since they often include spelling errors and using numbers for letters.   I'm skeptical of the boiler plate reply "STOP" to them response since they don't appear to be legitimate operators.    Is there a official method to report these messages?  Since Fi is an MVNO, who receives the 7726 information, does this info go anywhere, or is it just a blackhole with no improvement on filtering?
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Have you considered complaining directly to the FTC?
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If you are using Google Messages, here is how you report spam:
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Messages app Android Messages.
  2. Open the conversation you want to report.
  3. Tap More Moreand then Details and then Block & report spam.
When you do that:
  • Up to 10 of the last messages from the alleged spammer are sent to Google.
    • The last 10 messages can help Messages understand spam patterns and prevent future spam messages.
    • Any messages you send won’t be sent to Google.
  • You block the sender and archive the message
See this article in the help center: 
You can also block them in your Project Fi account:
  1. Open the Project Fi app or website.
  2. In the Account tab, go to "Call & text settings."
  3. Select Blocked numbers.
  4. Select Block a number.
  5. Enter the number and description (optional).
  6. Select Block.
Project Fi hasn't shared any details about how they use reports. 
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I have been using Google Hangouts integration.   Based on the responses in these forums I suspect Hangouts and Hangouts integration are not in the plans for the future?
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A lot of people use Hangouts with their Project Fi account, and there hasn't been any announcement that will change. 

But Hangouts unfortunately doesn't have the SMS reporting functionality that Messages does. I'm pretty sure the only option is to block the number.
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I just got my GgogleFi phone a week ago. It came preloaded with a messaging app, which I have been using. There is no "more" and no "block and report" function in SMS. For phone calls, yes, but not for messaging. How else can I report this so very spam SMS?
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Google does not provide a way to report spam on a group MMS message and spammers are now using this technique. Does Google Fi allow us to report these spam messages another way?  I know Verizon has a manual way to report spam.

Of course reporting spam really doesn't work very well since spammers spoof numbers :(
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No way to report it from my iPhone, apparently.  Google is really falling down on this, almost as much as on billing support.
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Activated my Google Fi account yesterday on a "new" line/number, almost immediately began receiving SMS spam and obvious Smishing messages. Never had this problem even once with AT&T over 15 years of service from them. If this is the standard at Google Fi, I don't anticipate being a customer here for very long...
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I am considering Google Fi for my iPhone but if there is not a way to easily block/filter SMS spam I will have to reconsider.  

Google is known for being good at handling spam, so I am not sure why they can’t make it easy to do through Fi.

I would be using the iPhone iOS messaging app, the default iPhone app. During the last presidential election, SMS spam went into overdrive. My current provider, T-Mobile, was useless. FCC is useless. I hope Google has found a solution? Blocking each individual spammer is time consuming. I want a solution that requires little action on my part and would be mostly automated, like Gmail’s spam filter or Google Fi spam call filter.
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People in this forum and others need to stop giving out the really bad/generic advice of "Go to Settings > Report/Block Spam" because this DOES NOT WORK ON MMS Messages. Which is the entire issue that OP and the rest of the folks in this thread (including myself) are having.

The only workarounds I've found is trying the following:

Most Short Codes still have a system/setup that is somewhat universal, so they will automatically respond to keywords/phrases like "STOP" "UNSUBSCRIBE" or "END". Try texting those back (one at a time) to the spam number, and you should hopefully get a confirmation text that you've been opted out. It might take like 10 mins to come through, but if the system is working properly, that should hopefully end it.

The only other option, and it's a crappy one, is downloading an app from Android/Google Play called Key Messages which allows you to block these, but the way they do it is by blocking ALL MMS messages, so if you are the kind of person that likes to use group chats (which are MMS based), your messages will get sent to each person individually and then they'll have to reply back to you individually. So it's a really sucky workaround.
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