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I keep getting issues trying to send photos or gifs. I receive the "not sent" error message and send it again, receive the not sent message again and is the whole process over again. Meanwhile the person or people on the other end receives the photo or gifs multiple times. Any tips to help?
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Hi Lauren, that sounds frustrating.
What app are you using? Android Messages? or something else?
Is this happening when you are connected to the internet with mobile data? or by wifi? or both?
I think that may happen when you don't have a strong internet connection, so do try to make sure your connection is strong.
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I use android messages, it happens when I'm connected to wifi with a strong connection to the internet.
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Both me and the other person on my plan are having the same issue on our Pixel 3s.   It happens on both WiFi and cellular but only when I've been on one of the two for a while.  It's almost as if being on cellular or WiFi for a while causes the connection to whatever carrier's MMS server (T-Mobile or Sprint) to go 'stale' and the first picture/GIF MMS we send fails.  If we restart our phones or toggle WiFi/airplane mode on and off, then the MMS will go through almost immediately and then we don't have issues sending them for a while but this is a rather annoying process and has us considering leaving Fi as soon as our bill credits are used up.
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Evan: Thanks for that report. Have you contacted Google Fi support with your issue to see if they have any suggestions for you?
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Lauren: thank you for the details. You say it happens when you are connected to WiFi. Do you mean it does not happen when you are connected to mobile data?
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Hello Evan,

Do you by chance have a weak cell signal when this happens?
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Hi Peggy,
Yes, I have contacted Fi support and they just had me try clearing cache and data from the Google messages and Fi apps.  This was only a temporary solution.

Hi Jason,
No, cell signal strength doesn't make a difference.  I just attempted to send a picture message about 20 minutes ago and it failed while I had full bars.
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Evan: am I understanding correctly that clearing the cache and data from Messages and/or from the Google Fi app did fix the problem temporarily for you? Do you recall if it was specifically one or the other app that seemed to help? or both?
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What devices are you having this issue on?
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Well, I spent over an hour on the phone with tech support last night and tried everything they said to do.  I finally hung up because they put me on hold for another 20 minutes.  They called back and said they were going to send an email for further support. So far no email.

I am using a Pixel 1 XL.  When it's on Sprint it will not receive or send MMS messages and sometimes SMS!  This is an ongoing problem. This AM I cleared the caches on all Google apps and Message+ as well as the default Message app on my Pixel. Still no go on MMS and now SMS. SMS is hit and miss. 

The worst part of this is that I am an Uber driver and yesterday I got a call while on Sprint.  All the information about the time and distance to the rider and such was on the screen.  All was normal to that point. I  accepted the call but never got the pickup address. Instead, I got a delay of a few seconds and a "Something went wrong" message with a dismiss button filling in. I dismissed.  Only about 2 minutes later I got another call. SAME THING!!  I forced the switch to T-Mobile and got about 4 SMS messages and another Uber call. I accepted the call and everything went as it should have. Several other calls had no problems.  Now, of course, my acceptance rating has taken a hit and I'm working on that with Uber.

This has been an ongoing issue with Sprint service and not the only issue with the total service.  I can be on Sprint with "No data service", the little x in the signal triangle with NO BARS.  Without moving an inch I can force the  switch to T-Mobile and have an LTE signal with at least 4 and likely 5 bars!!   So does the app switch to the best signal?  Apparently, if you can make a call or receive a call  Google figures good nuf!  Well, not good nuf for this guy!!  There's no reason I should have to use Fi Switch or dialer codes to get the best service!  I left Verison because I was paying for premium service and getting lousy service the last year which they excuse away because they are  "switching over to 5G and once we're done all the problems will go away".  Yeah, well I'm going back with a prepaid account if I cant get this taken care of.  It is completely unacceptable. 

If this doesn't get resolved by Monday I'm done with Fi!  I have great signals in most of the area with Sprint so it isn't their signal strength or coverage.  The kicker is that the tech told me to get a non-compatible phone so that it would default to T-Mobile and that would solve my issue!  How about I just get a service that works?!!!!  The $25.00 more a month it would cost for Verizon prepaid or T-Mobile unlimited is a better choice for me at this point.  Up until now I have never had a carrier that could not solve a problem!

Oh and I forgot.  Even on WiFi it won't send or receive if Sprint is the carrier.
Last edited 10/18/19
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