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In the small town I live in T-Mobile works much better than Sprint. There is a weak Sprint signal with virtually no data service. T-Mobile is strong all over town. I have the FiSwitch app (I got it because of this issue) so I can force the phone to use T-Mobile but it is frustrating to have to keep doing this as after a while the phone seems to default back to Sprint. When I drive home back in to town I often have to force the phone to use T-Mobile. Then when I get on the road in the morning I have to do it again. At some point overnight it reverts back to Sprint. I was hoping that my phone would eventually learn to use T-Mobile but it seems as if Project Fi is programmed to use Sprint anytime even the slightest hint of Sprint service is available. I contacted Project Fi support and long story shortish they escalated by issue and said someone would be in contact by email. 

It seems like this is a common issue. Has anybody had any luck getting it resolved? Does the system learn at some point to use something other than Sprint if the signal is better? I have also noticed that even when the Sprint signal is strong I have issues placing and receiving calls. I usually have to dial multiple times to get calls to go through. Because of this I have starting forcing the phone to use T-Mobile even when there is a strong Sprint signal, I've had no issues when the phone is using T-Mobile.

I have read elsewhere that it is thought that Google must have a deal with Sprint and because of that Sprint is the preferred provider in the Project Fi system. I like Project Fi, I like the simplicity and the pricing structure. In general I like the concept of using multiple networks to create one big network. But none of that is worth the hassle of having to force the phone on to a certain network so I can have good service. AT&T wasn't the best but it was predicable.

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Hello and welcome to the community,
It is my understanding that over time your device should learn to prefer the carrier that gives the best experience.  In your case it doesn't appear to be working out that way.  It's hard to say why exactly.  Since your case is already escalated with support I'm hoping they will get it sorted out for you.  
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Thank you Jason. I've only had the service for a little over one month so perhaps that isn't enough time for the system to complete the learning process..
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I don't think the adaption process is instant.  It seems to take a while for the algorithms to adjust.  It's possible it might get better on its own.  Force switching to T Mobile will not hinder the process in the meantime.
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I went through a similar circumstance where my phone selected an unusable T-Mobile signal rather than a usable U.S. Cellular signal and I would use either Signal Spy or Fi Switch to force the phone to U.S. Cellular and other times I would clear both cache and data from the Project Fi app data.  I’m not sure if those actions helped but over time, my phone now prefers the U.S. Cellular signal.
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Thank you both. I'll keep doing what I'm doing and give it some more time. I've clear the app data and cash a few times as well. It's good to know that manually switching networks won't hurt anything, I've been concerned about that.
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I don't think clearing the Fi app is going to help in this instance.  I recommend giving it some time to see if it adapts.  If not, let us know and we will be glad to try and help.
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Chris- Jason is right as usual but I will add mine seems to favor TMobile even though around my house Sprint is stronger lol. The backbone of Project Fi is actually T-Mobile not Sprint so it's probably on the "voodoo" of the system on how it reads the signal and adjusts to some sort of algorithm. Send in the feedback and use the First Switch if you need to. Hope it works out for you!

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Thanks. I still haven't heard from Google so I may need to get in touch with them again.

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When I started Fi a few years ago, I forced it to T-Mobile but now I think I have been foolishly believing this was permanent. My Pixel is always connected to Sprint even when it's really weak.

Is there no longer a way to permanently switch a Fi phone to use T-Mobile?
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6 days
Wouldn't work for everyone, but I am back on Fi with a OnePlus 6T phone and since it is not a built for Fi phone, I get T-Mobile 100% of the time.  I had the Pixel 3 before and hated it so much that I canceled and went back to T-Mobile.  

So, that's a solution if you can live with T-Mobile all of the time.  OnePlus phones are pretty awesome too, but it would work with any T-Mobile compatible phone.
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