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My wife and I (on same plan) both stopped receiving SMS messages yesterday. 0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 0 Upvotes
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We switched to Google Fi about 10 days ago, and we were both receiving texts up until yesterday. We both have the Pixel 3a. We have tried disabling sms in Hangouts, clearing cache and storage in carrier services, messages, and Google Fi. I have updated both phones. We also dialed *#*#... To reset settings and switch carriers.
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Hi Simon, 
Have you tried contacting Google Fi support?  If so, what did they tell you?
You can do that here or by calling 1-844-TALK2Fi
Just to be sure I understand, when SMS stopped working, you had Hangouts integration enabled? and you have tried disabling that integration and switching to Messages on your phone?
Also, are you able to send SMS messages?
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I did not have Hangouts integration enabled. I have tried contacting support and they advised me to try dialing various codes as well as updating the Google fi app as well as updating the system software. They also had me check that all of the relevant apps had the right permissions.
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Thank you for that update.
You mentioned disabling SMS in Hangouts. If you didn't have Hangouts integration enabled, could you share more details about what change you made?
Are you able to send SMS messages? Or is this affecting both sending and receiving SMS?
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I didn't actually change anything with Hangouts, it was just something I checked already. When I send a text it says it is working but I haven't been able to verify that they are being received.
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Thank you for clarifying. 
Does it make any difference if you are on T-Mobile vs Sprint vs US Cellular vs wifi (turning on airplane mode, then wifi on)?
Also, if you do enable Hangouts integration in your Hangouts settings, are you able to send and receive SMS via Hangouts?
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You are on the Google Messages beta app aren't you? I am on T-Mobile and my SMS stopped as well. There appears to be some conflict with the non-carrier RCS implementation code and SMS. MMS work fine, and I could send SMS, but not receive. Tried everything (uninstall app, wipe, network reset, sim pull, etc), but the only way I was able to fix was a factory reset. I did it once, SMS worked until I installed the Google Messages beta, and as soon as I did, same issues happened. Wiped phone again but didn't install Google Messages beta, and everything is working properly.
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Matt Hay: thank you for sharing your experience. Folks can follow the instructions here to stop beta testing the Messages Android app.
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