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Got off the plane yesterday. We have been away for 3 weeks from our sailing vessel, it worked perfectly before. On arrival, the phone said: Welcome to Guatemala, but could not provide any service at all. We visited the USA and Canada while we were away, and the phone worked perfectly.
Of course, all the assistance options suggest that contacting an operator on your phone for voice or chat is the most efficient - thanks a lot!
On arrival at our marina, the phone works well with wifi. All the suggested options on the Fi site and forums did not help.
Then I heard that at least 6 other Google Fi near us users are having similar issues.
So it seems a GoogleFi system issue in Guatemala. Other cell phones with other providers here are working as usual.
There is no notice about a change in service for GFi in Guatemala that I could find on the site.
I have sent an email to GFi.

Anyone out there with any other suggestions?
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Hello Steve Cronje,
Google Fi is supported in over 200 countries.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances, there may be times when unexpected service interruptions or outages may occur within a supported country or area.  In such cases, your best option may be to temporarily use a local SIM card until such time as the issue can be resolved.  
This is a user to user forum, primarily staffed by volunteers, none of whom have the authority or means to access your account information.  In addition to the email you have sent, I suggest you submit additional feedback directly to Google Fi via the app.  Just open the Google Fi app and scroll to the bottom of the page and tap "Send feedback." 
Although you will not receive a reply unless additional input is needed, be assured that the development team does make use of the information they receive via this feedback mechanism.
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Hi there Lilybell2

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have also received an official response to my email already.*** I will copy that below, in case any others have a similar issue, and need useful actionable information.***

Back to your response:

I find it a little glib to suggest " your best option may be to temporarily use a local SIM card until such time as the issue can be resolved. " 
Given the first sentence in your first paragraph, I assume you are not a volunteer, as no person truly trying to help a peer would start with an advert. Which should explain why I am a little hot under the collar about your suggestion. OF COURSE I know I can use a local SIM
The reason I am using GFi is exactly to avoid needing to: 1) Clear into a foreign country without having access to data 2) FIND a place I can purchase a SIM - my flight arrived at 5:30 in the morning. 3) Deal with language issues getting service. Once I have a local SIM, I have little need for Google's rather expensive service.
So, in essence, telling me that "We are a great service in a wholesale  bunch of countries, but if it doesn't work, well, just buy somebody else's service until another day" is irritating and downright condescending. And one that will make me walk away from Google Fi. I can order local SIM cards online before I depart to different countries, delivered to my doorstep. What GFi offers is the ability to step away from this need, and one that I am willing to pay for.

Finally, how do you suggest I send feedback with a phone that will not connect to the network? I suppose I can wait until I am able to use wifi, but, seriously?

I post the response I received via email, which, although it has not helped (yet),  provides a channel that I can respond to.

Again, I thank you for your time, but please consider before posting drivel that wastes time..


Here is the official response that contains useful information, FYI:

I understand that you are facing issue with the services, that must be inconvenient for you. I will certainly help you with this.
I will help you with some troubleshooting steps which should fix the issue. I request you to follow the below steps:
1) Turn on international Settings:
  • Open the Google Fi app.
  • Scroll to "Your Plan" and click "Manage Plan"
  • Scroll to "International Features"
  • Turn on "Service outside the US" & "Call to non US numbers" toggle.
2) Please Make sure your phone's data roaming is turned on:
  • On your phone, go to your Settings.
  • Under “Wireless & networks,” tap More and then Cellular networks.
  • Tap the switch next to "Data roaming" on
3) Turn airplane mode on then off (turn on for 5 seconds, then turn off).
4) Restart the device.
5) Google Fi should automatically choose a network, but if there's connectivity issues while outside the U.S.,  you can also manually choose a network.
  • Please dial *#*#FIROAM#*#* (same as *#*#347626#*#*).
  • Open phone Settings >> More >> Cellular Networks >> Network Operators >> Search networks. Let the network list load. Then, select one network at a time until the phone has a successful connection.
Once you perform the above steps, please check if the issue is fixed.
If the issue persists, let me know the outcome of these steps and help us with the below information to assist you further:
  • Have you ever connected to the data in this country?
  • When was the date you arrived in the country?
  • Did talk, text, and data work when you arrived in the country? What works, and what doesn’t? When did it stop working?
  • How often does this happen? Does it connect temporarily and disconnect, does it never connect, or does it connect, but not register data?
  • How long will you be in this country?
  • What is the time and date of the most recent failure?
  • Do you see any errors? If so, can you take a screenshot?
  • How many times have you rebooted your phone? Have you waited about 5 minutes before the next attempt?
  • Can you include a screenshot of the networks you see when you put in *#*#FIROAM#*#* (or go to Settings > More > Cellular Networks >) and see the list of partner carriers there?
If you have any further queries/issues, please feel free to reply or contact us over chat or phone (1-844-Talk2Fi). We're here to support 24/7
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I'm sorry you found my post offensive. 
I suggested you send feedback in addition to your email.  Sending feedback does not require the use of your phone, it only requires that you can access your Fi account, which can easily be done via a computer, which I presumed you had access to as you were able to post on this forum.  
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I learned tonight that this issue is not only in Guatemala City and the Rio Dulce, but also in Antigua. In addition, it has been ongoing since the 27th of August.

The least I would expect from Google is a notice on their website explaining that there is an issue, and not make everyone do a bunch of things that will not work. I did search for that too. Before emailing.

Yes, I sent email. I said so in my original post. I had email. Eventually. No thanks to GoogleFi for that, sadly.

Why should I have to post on my GFi account as well? Surely, the fact that I had a response to my email should suffice? What is the value to ME to jump through all these hoops when I have already informed you of the fact? Do you see that your response is canned and tone deaf?

Tomorrow, I will be able to buy a local SIM card, as you suggested. The data is a lot cheaper as well - around US$26 for 10GB, I understand. [Edited to add: Oops. Tomorrow is Sunday. It will have to wait for Monday]

But, I must say it saddens me that my GFi service will probably be replaced again by its former ALTERNATIVE: A Skype account with forwarding, and a bunch of local SIMS delivered before trips. GFi is a good idea. If you don't travel. If you don't depend on reliable international service. But expensive. 

Also, this apparently systemic issue is at least 4 days old. 

But, hey, what do I know? I am just a grumpy guy lacking sleep after a long international flight, sitting at 5:30 am at the airport of a foreign country where a language I cannot speak is the lingua franca and finding myself without the service I paid money for. That's all. Nothing important, really. After all, I did access email, didn't I? Even if it was 12 hours and several hundred miles later. How rude of me.

I do hope you are not in PR, but just trolling.

Last edited 9/1/19
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I’ve got the same issue here around Lake Atitlan. It was working when I arrived a week ago but stopped around the 27th. I tried all the solutions posted by google- no luck. I’ve had a similar issue happen before in Liberia that never resolved.
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We’re still having this issue in Antigua with 3 phones. 

Steve, did the process outlined in the email work for you?  We’ve tried with no results to date. 

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I haven't had service in almost 2 weeks. I've been in Antigua, Guatemala for 6 months and prior it worked perfectly. I've been on chat support several times and no resolution, including doing all of the above.
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I arrived into the country on August 27th and the service worked, only to have it stop working the next day. Thank you for posting this, I've been on and off the phone (on Wifi) with tech support trying to figure out what's going on and no one mentioned the service problem in Guatemala. I'm hoping this issue gets fixed soon, otherwise I'll have to change my service provider.
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I, too, have done all of the steps above to no avail.
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I'm here in Antigua and I was here also a month ago. I still have no service here. I've talked with support and even have gotten a $30 credit but it just doesn't stop the fact that Fi has consistently let me down over and over again. I can spend hours changing settings and seeing networks and frequencys to connect to but the phone is never going to connect. It's just a sad situation.
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