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Ok, so I apologize for the lengthy post, but I've been dealing with sustaining a mobile data connection ever since I landed in Turkey about 5 days ago. 

I'm running:
Samsung Galaxy S8
Android v9

I'd like to note that I've had no issues with mobile data or coverage for one month prior to leaving the country, but have only been using Google Fi as a provider for a little over a month. 

When I first landed, I must have made a very brief data connection, because I received a bunch of FB and WhatsApp messages, but never actually noticed a data indicator, and was unable to send or use internet at all. I called tech support on the shuttle to the next town, which began the long struggle to get this working. 

What I've done so far, with tech support and on my own: 
Phone reboot
Phone reboot in safe mode
Turn airplane mode off and on
Take out Sim card and put back in
Turn mobile data off and on
Turn data roaming off and on
Dial #766# to turn on Data Roaming (from T-Mobile suggestions)
Update all apps on WiFi
Adjusted second APN to include an MMSC that was originally blank (given from Tech support)
Switched between all APNs and resetting data connections
Switched between 2G, 2G/3G/LTE under Network Mode
Switched my Default Setup in Network Operators to Manual, and chosen each network available. 2/3 networks give an error saying Network Unavailable, but the first one (Turk Telekom) says Registered on Network and gives usually full bars of regular cell service (all SMS and calls work fine). 

Here are the things I've done that have seemed to be the cause in achieving a data connection, although usually only lasting for a few moments. The longest I was able to sustain a connection was overnight and a couple hours in the day (12 hours roughly). 

Switched Network Mode to 2G, changed default setup to Manual, and chose Turk Telekom, (phone gives Registered on Network message). Then I switched the network mode to LTE, and that gave me the data connection that lasted for about 12 hours. I didn't touch the settings so that didn't cause the dropout, but when I went back into my Network Operators menu the Default Setup was changed back to Automatic. I'm assuming what happened was that I just lost signal for a bit. 

After I lost that connection, I followed those same steps and received a connection multiple times, but this time only lasting a few moments. Now when I try these steps I get "Network Unavailable" upon switching from 2G to LTE in the Network Mode. To re-iterate: I switch network mode to 2G, manually connect to Turk Telekom, it says "registered on network", then when I switch the network mode to LTE, it gives "Network Unavailable" message, although my regular cell bars remain active. I have also tried this not switching to LTE, but instead 3G, and all other options. Same results. 

I'd like to mention that I'm currently in a small city called Mardin, in the south-eastern part of Turkey. However, I know there is data connection available because my colleagues are running T-Mobile and Verizon with no issues.

I'm posting here because I've called tech support about 10 times already, and spent probably a total of 3-4 hours troubleshooting with them. 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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WHat country are you in?
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He's in Turkey
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Whoops, missed that. Thanks Kevin. 

Lincoln, I suggest contacting support directly at 844-Talk-2-Fi and see if they can explain/fix this
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Hello Lincoln - my only suggestion would be to clear cache of the Google Fi app and reboot your phone. I don't think I read that in your exhaustive (and well documented) list of things you have tried. Sorry you have having issues.
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All things you have connected now will be lost so wifi connections, bt devices, etc.

You can take a screen shot hold down the volume down + power button.
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