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Can someone confirm this answer from Fi Support re: how data is routed over WiFi vs. Mobile? 1 Recommended Answer 12 Replies 1 Upvote
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So, for years on T-Mobile, excessive data usage for me was 10GB with most months staying around 2GB. Since switching to Fi, I am over 10-12GB / mo and often hit the 15GB limit. I've turned off background access for practically every app. I try to stay on WiFi whenever possible. I've stopped streaming music and videos on mobile data. I've turned off MMS downloads over mobile. Last weekend, I was home the entire weekend and never disconnected from my WiFi. This past Monday, I had used over 1GB of mobile date...impossible. So, I contacted Fi support for the fourth time. This is the piece of the transcript:

6:40:40 Sowmya: I've checked the details with my specialist and see that Google Fi switch between the Wi-fi and Data networks to get the best available networks. 
6:40:53 Sowmya: This working as intended.
6:41:35 Sowmya: The network switch will lead to the unusual data usage on the Fi account.
6:42:17 zzz world: Switching between wifi and Data networks. I'm confused. Are you saying that the action of switching increases my data usage?
6:43:13 zzz world: Isn't that the whole premise behind Google Fi, to use data only when necessary because it's looking for approved wifi networks to connect you with?
6:43:29 Sowmya: When the data and Wifi are enabled on the device, even if you are connected to Wi-fi, the network switch from Wi-fi to data networks automatically.
6:44:27 zzz world: In my home, with wifi on all the time, good signal throughout, the phone should never be on data. I used over 1GB this weekend.
6:45:05 zzz world: So, to my earlier comment, there's something wrong with the phone or the service...so there's something wrong with the phone if it's not maintaining a wifi connection when available.
6:47:03 Sowmya: As mentioned, it is working as intended. The device will consider the mobile data as a default when both Wi-fi and Data are enabled on the device.
"The device will consider the mobile data as default when both Wi-fi and Data are enabled on the device." What!? I'm shocked, but it certainly explains my data usage. In order to prevent mobile data being used, I have to manually switch the mobile data option on/off.

Has anyone else heard of such a thing? Is this actually true? It makes going back to TMO a very viable option. I've not been able to enjoy the functionality of my phone because I'm constantly worried about hitting the 15GB upward limit, which I did a few times when I first got the phone. I'm thinking an unlimited plan on another network is way more convenient and in the long run more affordable. And, maybe I could listen to a little music again on my phone.

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Thanks for the reply, Seth. I had already reset my network a couple of months ago to fix the issue. Then about a month ago I reset my entire phone and wiped the network settings again. It seemed like it improved for a week or so, then just goes back to rampant mobile data usage.

I'm glad you're not having the same experience as I am.
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For data, Fi should always prefer WiFi IF you are connected. Check your notifications bar periodically to make sure the WiFi connection is active.
If so, and you are still getting data through mobile, please contact Fi again. The conversation you posted doesn't seem like the rep has in-depth knowledge of this issue.
If that call doesn't resolve your problem, please let us know your case number. we're all retailer Fi users like you, but some people on the forum can sometimes get a Googler to take a look at your support experience.
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Just curious, but is "mobile data always active" turned off?  I have a Moto X4, so the following directions might not be identical.  Go to settings, system, advanced, developer options, where mobile data always active should be listed under the networking section.  If mobile data always active is turned on, try turning it off.
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@Arkieguy, great suggestion. I have that setting currently turned off. I was using it. It was one of the first app settings I turned off when trying to resolve the issue.
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