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$10 per 1GB in 2019?? WTF Google? 4 Recommended Answers 101 Replies 253 Upvotes
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Last edited 2/22/19
After I used 15GB of data while travelling, my internet is throttled to 256kbps which basically renders my phone useless. Google wants $10 per 1GB (ONE Gigabyte of data!) in the year 2019. Is it a company policy now to extort money from users who had to go over the limit? I am curious about the reasons behind this policy.
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Well since you only paid $60 for 15gb and this is not new, why are you surprised?
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@ Tomek Lecki,
Thank you for taking your time to post.
...Google wants $10 per 1GB (ONE Gigabyte of data!) in the year 2019...  Google Fi (Fi) had this pricing before 2019.  What makes 2019 so special?
...I am curious about the reasons behind this policy.  I'm sure that many are, but Fi --like many other companies-- does not discuss their business practices in an open forum.
In addition to posting here, you can leave feedback about this with Fi. To do so...
  • With your device: Open the Fi App, stroll down to the bottom and click on the Send feedback link to get started.
  • With a computer: Sign into your Fi site --at fi.google.com :o)--, then...
    • Click on the Help and Feedback icon (looks like a floating question mark located to the lower left) to get started.
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It seems that product experts here miss the point on purpose or perhaps it's beyond their ability to comprehend. Not sure. Just to clarify:
1. in 2019 price per 1GB shouldn't be $10 - internet is a commodity now not a novelty service
2. 256kbps makes the phone basically useless. Experts > look it up before you reply.
3. Since it renders my phone useless - is deterring customers it's purpose?
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Joshua Olmstead asked ...." How about all you 3g users that pay for 15 let us use your remaining 12 gigs that are already paid for ".... 
You are making things up, someone that uses 3 gigs doesn't pay for 15
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