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Business with roughly 40 remote users and 40 local spread across the united states.  Some of my remote users have dismal internet where they are.  512k/512k DSL and much worse in some places.  We started with googleFi and are very pleased.  However, I just added 2 more users and am getting ready to add a fourth.  It is the 8th and 6GB of data is already used.  they are very happy to have good internet again.  My concern is what happens on the 15th when they hit 12GB and start getting throttled.  I guess my beta tester never hit that limit.  Cost is not an issue.  Reliable, Fast service is.  What should I have done differently?  Should I have set them up on their own accounts so they would get 12GB each?  Can someone give me an idea of what to expect so I can relay that ahead of time or make plans to move them into their own googlefi account?  Is this something I should really be speaking to google about?  TIA!
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While it may not be the best long term fit, the low cost and high speeds and low barrier to entry made it a great experiment that turned out better than we expected for our company.
Thank you very much for the advice offered.
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Hi Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.,
There are a few points that sound like they need clarifying.
  • The throttling limit is 15GB - for each account. Meaning that in a group of 4, if one member uses 15 GB, that user will be the only user who is throttled. The other members can use up to 15 GB each also without being throttled until they hit 15 GB of their own use.
  • For a 4 member group, the bill protection will kick in at a total of 14 GB of data used by the entire group. That means that you don't pay for any data used beyond that 14 GB, but it doesn't affect speeds. Speeds will remain as normal until a member reaches 15 GB of his own data and then only that member will be throttled.
Here's what the Help Center article titled, "Find your Bill Protecti9on data level" says in the section named, "Data speeds with Bill Protection":
Data speeds with Bill Protection
When someone on your plan uses 15 GB of data, their data speeds will get slowed to 256 kbps until the next cycle. All other members will get full data speeds until they each use 15 GB of data.
I hope that helps,
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That maybe what it says, but that is not what happens in practice.  or I hit some other scenario I do not know of.  Not a single one of my users has hit 15GB in any month we've been using googlefi.

My total usage hit 14gb over the weekend (pic was taken late in the day today).  All four users, without exception, were limited to 150K up and down when that limit hit.  I had to go back into the Fi account and say it was ok to bill me for extra data, before they got the speeds back that they need to do their jobs.

Maybe it was because we had 1 user when the billing cycle started and then added 3 more 2 days later.  In any case, we're going to leave things as they are and see how this billing cycle turns out with four users.

Thank you all again for your help!!
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Hi Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.,
Those are Data-Only SIMs on a single account. Those are not the same as adding members to make your account a group account.
The behavior you're seeing is what would be expected since all of that data was used by the same Google Fi account.
If you want them to have their own data limits, then you can invite them to join your group so that each of them has talk/text/data plan of their own along with the ability to each add up to 4 data-only SIMs as well. In this case, you'd be responsible for the entire bill, but their billing would be broken out separately if you wanted to have the members repay your for their usage.
I hope that helps,
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