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I've been reading about the relatively new setting for us Google Fi users  in regard to enabling the "enhance network" option in settings to basically turn on Google VPN for cell/mobile data. Are the majority of people turning this on? Does the benefit outweigh the extra data useage (over 1 day Google connectivity services used 30 MB of data which essentially means its an extra Gig of data used). 

I dont know if it makes the connection slower, but it does tell you outright it will use more data. Just looking for opinions: is it worth it? Not many articles written about it so far.


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Hi Danny Ro, welcome to the Google Fi User Forum!
I have it enabled and it hasn't seemed to dramatically increase data usage for me. As to whether or not it's "worth it", depends a lot on you.  I'm a bit of a security buff and I trust Google more than my local ISP, so it's kind of a no brainer for me... :)
Hope this helps!
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I have it turned on. The only issue I've noticed is that my Xfinity Stream app no longer recognizes that I'm in my home on Wi-Fi, so I can't stream in-home channels that use DRM on the phone with Enhanced Network enabled. It takes a little more data overhead to run encryption. From https://support.google.com/fi/thread/551655?hl=en:

Note: Enabling network enhancements may increase your data usage by about 10% to accommodate encryption.
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Hope does one turn this on?
Does this replace the WiFi assistant VPN we used to have?
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You turn it on in the Fi app under Fi network tools.  The WiFi assistant VPN is only active on open public networks.  The Fi VPN is an always active VPN so the one from WiFi assistant is not needed.
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One thing to keep in mind when using this. Some free wifi hotspots restrict outbound connections. There are UDP ports that need to be allowed for the Google VPN to establish a connection successfully. If it is unable to establish the connection over the wifi network, it will stop using wifi all together and fall back onto your mobile network to establish the VPN. This can confuse people because they think they are connected to wifi and not using data against their mobile plan. While there is a notification (on my Pixel XL) that I am no longer using wifi, this message is not always displayed. We block outbound proxy connection on our wifi at work, so for now I have just disabled the VPN in the app. It would be nice if we could specify to use it or not on specific SSID's.
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15 hr
I just had to change my settings to permanently disable the VPN because it slowed all connections to a crawl. Even Google searches would time out while it was on. It took me a while to realize it was the VPN, but anytime I disabled it, I'd immediately see response times speed back up.

There's a post on Reddit of someone complaining about the same, but the comments show the majority of users do not experience this. No idea why it affects certain people this way.
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