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Hi everyone,

We are excited to announce a new feature to our existing device protection program. Starting today, if your eligible device (Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, or Pixel 3a XL) has a cracked screen and your claim is approved, you can take your device to a uBreakiFix store to get it fixed as soon as possible. Repairs are typically completed the same day and do not require a factory reset of your device. Please note: A reduced deductible will apply.

For more information, please visit our Help Center.

  1. I have a different phone model (something other than a  Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, or Pixel 3a XL) enrolled in device protection. Can I take this device to an authorized walk-in repair center? 
    • Currently, this feature is only available for Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, or Pixel 3a XL devices that have a cracked screen.
  2. How do I submit a claim for my cracked screen?
  3. Where can I take my Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, or Pixel 3a XL to get fixed if it has a cracked screen?
  4. What if my claim is denied?
    • After you file a claim, if it’s denied you will be provided with the reason for denial. Replacements and repairs are only available for approved claims.
  5. Can I still send my device into Fi to get it replaced? Or is this no longer available?
    • Yes, all devices covered under device protection will still be eligible for replacement through Google Fi.
  6. What constitutes a “cracked screen?”
    •  A cracked screen is when the front glass screen of your device suffers a crack of any size.
  7. What if there’s no uBreakiFix repair shop close to me?
  8. What if uBreakiFix discovers my device has other issues in addition to a cracked screen?
    • You can cancel the repair and instead file a device protection claim for a replacement device (a deductible will apply). If you choose to have repairs completed by uBreakiFix beyond a cracked screen and cosmetic work, this  will be out-of-pocket and will not be covered by Google Fi's device protection coverage.
  9. How does Google Fi's device protection coverage work?
    • You must purchase a phone through Google Fi and enroll in device protection within 30 days of the phone’s shipment. You’ll be charged a monthly fee and a deductible will apply for approved claims that result in replacements or repairs. For more information on device protection, see here.

Questions? Let us know here!

Kelly, Google Fi Community Manager
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This is a great thing. THanks for posting this Kelly 
Last edited 7/21/19
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This is a major improvement to the Device Protection terms.
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don't use their protection plan. I just had an accident and talked to the representative, in the end you are paying more when the accident happened. 
It costs you $79 for an old model with 3 months warranty (aside from the monthly protection fee they charged you) while you can just get a new model for $99 with the full year warranty. 
You can do the math.
Last edited 7/23/19
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Google user
How quickly dobu find out if u qualify
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@user 829etc   did you buy device protection when you bought the phone through Fi, or within 30 days of the device's shipment?

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Does this cover the rear glass on the Pixel or just the literal screen?
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DITTO regarding the rear glass cover?  Where can we find a list of authorized walk-in repair center?
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More credit cards are starting to add free cellphone insurance, so the providers need to step up their game. Thanks for doing so.
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I might soon be changing cell phone providers too.   Fi screwed me up.  June 29th.  My husband dropped his phone. The screen cracked. Mind you he had a case on his phone with the lip around it. That should of prevented the screen from cracking.  But it fell just the right way and cracks.  I call Fi to see about a replacement on the insurance.  Talk to some woman.  She was polite. Says yes it's covered. I asked are they going to take a hold on our account for the ridiculously high amount they say is cost of the phone. In case I don't send back the broke one.  She tells me No. I pay 99$ deductible.  I was happy to hear that. I did not have money to cover that hold.  Then she said  I'd get a email to order up a replacement phone.  Never get the email.  Couple or so hours later contact Fi again.  To find out it's a glitch on their end.  They can't send the email to get the new phone.  The tech people are working on it.  Took from Saturday the 29th of June till like the following Wednesday to resolve.  I finally get to  order a phone.  They put 812.04 hold on my checking. Threw all my bills in the red.  Some hadn't cleared yet.  I got really angry.  Fi tells me to calm down. They are working on it.  How can I calm down. You put my bills in the red.  The credit union charges for bounced bills on auto draft.  The next day the rest of my bills would of been coming out.   They tell me no one should of said there would not be a hold on money for the phone.   I never had holds on money with Verizon when I had to replace a phone that broke.  Finally they said I could use a credit card. They'd cancel the original  order.  Let me order again with a different payment method.  I try to reorder.  It cancels immediately after placing the order.  Fi fixes it. So that Thursday or Maybe it was Friday after June 29th a order goes through for the new phone.  I get the replacement which was only a refurbished phone onTuesday June 9th.   I pack up the broke phone. Walked it up to the Fed Ex drop box.   We don't live near a Fed Ex office.  I don't question it any further.  The hold was removed from the credit card. I was happy.   Well on June 29th.  It's back on the card.  I am furious.  Contact Fi. They say they don't have the broke phone.   I dig up proof they have it.  The tracking from FedEx says it was received by Fi on July 11th at 1 something in the afternoon. It had a signature of someone at Fi receiving it.  Finally they say Ok we have the phone. Then tried telling me I had tried to exchange a 2nd phone.  No. One phone was broke.  One phone was being replaced.  Yet when I go to my account.  It shows 3 phones 2 active.  1 phone inactive.  We have 2 phones in our possession.  2 phones are active.  Then yesterday get told they need to inspect the broke phone is broke.  How long does it take to see the screen is cracked.  Only takes a few seconds to do that.   They keep trying to tell me they are working on it.  Yeah when my credit card still has a 812.04 charge on it. That is not being removed yet.  I finally dispute the charge with my credit card. Told them I feel it's fraudulent.   Show the credit card company proof Fi has the broken phone. That I will not be paying that bill.  Then immediately file complaint with the BBB.  Fi wasn't to happy I did that. Well it is a screw up on Fi's behalf.  They tell me doing that could cause some Google Payments to close.   If they hadn't screwed me.  I'd of not of had to gone to the BBB.   Fi doesn't care about it's customers.  Fi does have good service on their phones.  I have not had problems making or receiving calls. My data works good. Just the way they handle insurance claims is horrible.  I deserve to be compensated in some way for all the hassles I had been given.   I am seriously looking into other phone service once this mess is resolved.  I could go back to Verizon. They have good quality phone service.   Spectrum too.  Which is on the Verizon line. Never had problems with Verizon and using my phone anywhere. US Cellular has good service.  I could go with them also.  What gets me.  They hire these  people from other countries like India. Who have terrible English.  Hard to understand them.
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I have an insurance claim that has been going on for 2 weeks, almost 3.  I have been given misinformation about my insurance claim from day 1.  I had informed your specialist that I have broken glass on the front and back of the phone.  At that time, I was given the option for repair or replacement.  I opted for repair.

Here it is, going on almost 3 weeks since the claim was made, and I still have a broken phone.  Today, 9/22/19, I called in to get a date when I can expect a replacement phone.  At the very least, knowing what I have gone through, I deserve to know a date when I will receive my replacement.  After 2 phone calls, and 2 hangups from your associates, I still do not have a date and only to trust the engineers they will email me back.

I am BEYOND frustrated and I am completely dismayed at the lack of sympathy or consideration for the circumstances I have had to endure.  No one seems to take my claims into consideration and continues to standby nothing can be done.  It is a matter of time before my digitizer goes out and I have no working phone.  But, never fear, your engineers will email me back.

I don't even know what I am asking anymore.  It is clear your company has no answers and is staffed by associates who are unable to get answers.  In the end, my phone is cracked, it is getting worse, there is no resolution to my claim, and I continue to be connected  to a department that is incompetent.  But, if there is a silver lining for your company, they are certainly adept at following policy.  That much is quite clear.

What can be done?  What is the solution?  I understand that Google is not exactly a small company, so someone somewhere has an answer that can be implemented.  What is it or am I to continue using a broken phone which I still pay insurance payments?
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