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I bought 2 pixel 3 phones w/ a family plan member soon after its release. Both of us experienced serious call quality issues (echos, distortion on the other end). When I reached the Fi support and asked them if Google was aware of the issue, they said no but let me try couple things apparently following some standard procedure (that indicates they knew the issue). I was told the e-sim was not activated correctly. Anyway, it did NOT fix the call issue. Both of us ordered replacement phones, which support told us are brand new phones. Funny that one replacement phone is apparently a refurbished and defective one, which does not show the top right corner.

What's going on, Google?
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What I want to say to Google Fi is:

* If you know the phone you released cannot make basic phone calls, do a public recall instead of dodging the problem (https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/12/19/many-pixel-3-and-3-xl-owners-are-having-problems-with-call-quality-and-connection-issues/)
* if you sell refurbished devices as brand new, you are damaging your own brand
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Terrible experience with Pixel 3 and with Google support!!  I am incredibly disappointed with this phone.  It is only 2.5 months old and it has already had 3 major problems, and 2 factory resets.  The latest problem with the phone not ringing or vibrating, the speakerphone muting the person on the other end, and the alarm not sounding can't even be fixed with a factory reset.  I never know when I am receiving an incoming call unless I am looking directly at the screen at the same moment that the call is coming in.  Google is NO help.  DO NOT purchase this product.
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my refubished replacement has white crud jammed in between frame and glass. What a joke, clearly this one wasn't cleaned
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I hear you. In the space of THREE months (with a Pixel 3 purchased in December 2018), I have had to get THREE replacements. From my understanding, you have no choice but to go the refurbished route when getting a replacement. The first one was because of a software issue, the second one was because the screen literally turned green and then died (it happened Friday evening, which was really fun because I had to go phoneless for 5 full days until they mailed me a replacement on Wednesday), and the most recent one was because front-facing camera use would make my phone buzz and the screen go blurry.

Each time, I have to chat with customer service about my issue, fail to have them address the issues, and then hear the same old reassurances that their refurbished devices are "totally inspected and are basically brand new". Then I have to put an authorization hold on my card for a new replacement, and wait 3 business days for it to ship out. Tough luck if it's over the weekend. Then I have to set a new phone up, log back into everything again, only for it to fail weeks later. After three replacements in three months, I have no faith in Google's ability to refurbish phones and inspect the refurbishments properly before sending it to customers. At this point, I'm pretty sure I deserve a brand new phone. Or a refund. Or something.

I genuinely am disappointed, because I want to love my Pixel so much. The pictures I can take with my phone are the best I've ever seen from any mobile device. But their slow and painful mail-in process for handling substantive phone issues, coupled with their inability to send me a working device despite repeated "guarantees", makes me wonder why I moved from Apple in the first place.
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User 15987191052685223006,
This is a user to user forum, staffed by volunteers.  I suggest you send your feedback directly to Google Fi.
Using the Google Fi app on your phone:   Scroll down to "Send feedback."  Type and submit your feedback.
Using your computer:   Go HERE to submit feedback directly to Google Fi.   In the left hand panel, scroll down almost to the bottom and you'll see "feedback."  Click on that and it will open a window where you can type and then send your feedback.  
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