About data speed limits

When you reach your plan’s data limit, your data speeds will slow down until the start of the next billing cycle.

How it works

To offer the best experience to as many users as possible any data used after you reach your data limit is slowed to 256 kbps. Your full-speed data limit depends on the type of plan you have and can’t be manually adjusted:

  • Flexible plans allow up to 15 GB of full-speed data.
  • Unlimited plans allow up to 22 GB of full-speed data.
Important: If you have an Unlimited plan, certain categories of data usage like video may be managed at a particular speed or resolution, e.g., DVD-quality (480p).

Group plans

In group plans, all members have their own personal data limits and one member’s data usage won’t contribute to another member’s data limit. However, only the plan manager can pay to get full data speeds for members.

Use full-speed data beyond your data limit

After you reach your plan’s data limit, you can choose to return to full-speed data for an additional $10/GB for the rest of your billing cycle.

  1. On your mobile device, sign in to the Google Fi app Fi.
  2. Select Account and then Get full speed.

View a tutorial on how to get your full speed limit.

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