Get a free travel item

You can get a free travel item from the Project Fi Travel Trolley vending machine at the following airports:

  • LGA - Terminal B, Concourse A level 2

If you're a Project Fi customer

You can use your QR code once a week to get a free travel item with your phone: 

  1. Hold your phone up to the NFC reader on the vending machine. You'll see a QR code on your screen.
  2. Use the scanner on the vending machine to scan the QR code on your phone.
  3. Tap the blue Get Item button.

If you're not Project Fi customer

You can win a free item even if you're not a Project Fi customer:

  1. Tap the I use another wireless phone service button on the vending machine's screen.
  2. Play a trivia game for a chance to win a free item.

Fix QR code issues

If you hold up your phone to the NFC reader and a code does not appear:

  • Make sure you're an active Project Fi customer and you're using your primary Project Fi device.
  • Check that NFC is turned on for your Project Fi phone.
  • If your phone has a passcode, unlock your home screen.
  • Update your app. Learn how to update to the most recent version of the Project Fi app.
  • On your Fi device, call *#*#FLYWITHFI#*#* to get your QR code. 

If you still have trouble getting your QR code or using a Project Fi vending machine, call 1-844-44-SWYFT or email

Win a Pixel phone (Contest ended)

Share your Travel Trolley experience on Twitter using the hashtag #FlyWithFi before 1/31/2018. Our favorite wins a Pixel phone. For contest details and information on how to enter, see the Terms and Conditions.

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