See your call and text history

Your call and text history is a detailed list of every call and text you've made and received across all your Project Fi devices. You can see your history only on the Project Fi website, not in the app.

To see your call and text history:

  1. Open the Project Fi website.
  2. In the Account tab, go to "Call & text settings."
  3. Click History.

Keep in mind that:

  • Call and text history is only available after February 4, 2016.
  • At any time you'll only see the most recent 6 months of history.
  • You might see a delay in calls and messages made from outside the US while we wait for records from our worldwide partners.
  • No message content or call audio is stored or shown.
  • Call and text history for short codes are available by contacting support.

Download your call and text history

You can also download a copy of your call and text history in .csv format to your computer if you'd like:

  1. Open the Project Fi website.
  2. In the Account tab, go to "Call & text settings."
  3. Click History.
  4. Click Download Download.
  5. Enter your desired time range.
  6. Click Download.

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