Increase coverage with device protection

If you buy a Designed for Fi phone when you sign up for Google Fi, you can add Google Fi device protection for coverage in addition to your device’s standard manufacturer’s warranty.

What Google Fi device protection covers 

Accidental damage
Google Fi device protection covers your phone for up to 2 incidents of accidental damage (for example, drops, spills, cracked screens) in any rolling 12-month period. For example, if you file a claim on March 1, and then another claim on June 1, you won’t be able to file a new claim until March 1 of the next year. Coverage begins on the day your device ships.
Device malfunctions
All Designed for Fi phones come with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover device malfunctions that occur through no fault of the owner. Google Fi device protection extends this coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, for as long as a device is enrolled. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL phones are covered under manufacturer's warranty for 2 years.

Cost of Google Fi device protection

You’ll be charged a monthly fee per device for Google Fi device protection. A deductible will apply to approved claims that result in replacements or cracked screen repairs. Screen repairs are completed at our authorized repair partner, uBreakiFix.

Device Monthly Charge Deductible 
(Cracked Screen Repair)
Pixel 4 $8 $79 $49
Pixel 4 XL $8 $99 $69
Pixel 3a $5 $59 $19
Pixel 3a XL $5 $89 $29
Pixel 3 $7 $79 $39
Pixel 3 XL $7 $99 $49
Pixel 2 $5 $79 Not eligible
Pixel 2 XL $5 $99 Not eligible
Pixel $5 $79 Not eligible
Pixel XL $5 $99 Not eligible
LG G7 ThinQ $7 $149 Not eligible
LG V35 ThinQ $7 $149 Not eligible
Moto G6 $5 $35 Not eligible
Moto G7 $3 $55 Not eligible
Android One Moto X4 $5 $79 Not eligible
Nexus 5X $5 $69 Not eligible
Nexus 6P $5 $99 Not eligible

Replacement might be with a new, refurbished, or recertified device of similar kind and quality. Device color might vary, depending on availability. 

Your replacement device will ship as early as the next business day.

Add Google Fi device protection 

To enroll in Google Fi device protection, you must purchase your phone through Google Fi. You can add device protection when you purchase a phone or within 30 days of the phone’s shipment:

Add device protection at the time of purchase

To enroll in device protection when you purchase a new phone through Google Fi:

  1. Select the device protection option and complete your purchase.
  2. Activate Google Fi service within 30 days of the phone’s shipment.

In your first statement, you’ll see a prorated charge for device protection starting from your phone’s shipment date to your statement date and a charge for the next month of coverage. 

If Google Fi service is activated within 30 days of when the new device shipped and a claim has been filed, your first monthly statement following checkout will contain a prorated charge for device protection coverage from the device’s date of shipment to the date of the statement, plus the cost of device protection for the following month and the applicable deductible for the covered claim.

If you purchase device protection but don’t activate Google Fi service within 30 days of the phone’s shipment

  • If you have not filed a claim, your device protection will be automatically canceled and you won’t be charged for it.
  • If you have an approved claim with a device issued during this period,  you’ll be charged the deductible for the claim and a prorated amount for the device protection coverage for this period. After this period, you’ll no longer have device protection.
Add device protection within 30 days of device shipment

If you didn't enroll in device protection when you purchased your phone through Google Fi, you can still enroll within 30 days of the day your phone shipped. Here's how:

  1. If you’re new to Google Fi, make sure Google Fi service is activated.
  2. On the Google Fi website, go to Your plan.
  3. Select the device that you would like to enroll.
  4. Under "Device protection," select Enroll. On the next screen, select Enroll again.
  5. Once you’ve enrolled, your coverage extends back to the date the phone shipped. (To see your phone's ship date, go to your order history in the Google Store.)

In your first statement, you’ll see a prorated charge for device protection covering your first month starting from the day your phone was shipped to your statement date and a charge for the next month of coverage. 

For phones bought on Google Store or elsewhere

If you purchase a phone on the Google Store, you can’t enroll in Google Fi device protection but you can add device protection from Google Store. Learn about the differences between device protection from Google Fi and Google Store.

If you purchase a phone elsewhere, you won’t be able to enroll it in device protection from Google Fi or Google Store. Device protection is not transferable to another device. 

More info on Google Fi device protection

Device protection for a group plan

When you're part of a Google Fi group plan, your device protection cost and coverage are the same as those for individual plans. When invited to be part of a group plan, if the group owner purchases a phone for you during the sign-up process they can add device protection at that time. If the group owner purchases your phone and adds device protection, the group owner will be the contract holder and may file claims and also cancel or modify device protection coverage. If you purchase a phone as a group member, you will not be able to enroll it in device protection.

When joining a group plan, if you already have a Google Fi account and are enrolled in device protection coverage, you can keep your existing coverage. You will remain the contract holder for your coverage but the group owner will be responsible for making payments for your coverage. The group owner does not have the right to request cancellation or modify your device protection plan. However, active device protection coverage is contingent on receipt of payments. If a group owner does not wish to pay for device protection coverage belonging to a member, the owner will have to contact the member to have them cancel their coverage.

When leaving a group plan, if you have device protection coverage under your name (carried over from when you joined the group), then you will have the option to continue enrollment in another Fi account by joining another group plan or signing up for a new individual plan. Otherwise, device protection coverage will be discontinued once you leave Google Fi. If you are currently using a device that a group owner has enrolled in device protection, then the group owner will continue coverage with the option to cancel at any time.

A group owner is responsible for making payments for all group member charges, including charges for device protection coverage and deductibles.

Electronic document delivery
By enrolling a phone in device protection, you agree that we may deliver your service contract and related communications via email. To view your documents, you must have a valid email address associated with your Fi account. You will also need a device with Internet access, print and/or storage capability. If you do not receive your service contract within 5 business days of enrolling your device, or would like to request a paper copy, contact us.
About our device protection provider

We’ve partnered with Assurant to offer device protection. When you enroll a device in device protection, Assurant will receive information about your device, your email address, and your service address.

Device protection coverage is provided by Federal Warranty Service Corporation in all states except CA-Sureway, Inc.; FL-United Service Protection Inc.; and OK-Assurant Service Protection, Inc. These companies operate under the trade name Assurant.

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