My data isn’t working

If you can’t connect to cellular data—for example, you can't open a website or use an app while you're not on Wi-Fi—try the troubleshooting steps below to fix the issue. After each step, try visiting a website to see if the issue is fixed. You can always use the buttons below to contact a Project Fi expert.

If you're having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, learn how to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection.

Tip: We recommend always connecting to Wi-Fi when it’s available to expand your coverage in places where the cellular network isn’t as strong.

1. If the signal icon on your phone has no bars or an exclamation point signal exclamation check if you’re in a coverage area

Check the coverage map for U.S. locations. If you’re using your phone outside the U.S., check the 120+ supported countries where you can use Project Fi.

If we have coverage in your location: Try going to another spot nearby where you have a signal. If you are inside a building or underground, try going outside. Buildings can block signals sometimes. If that doesn’t work, continue on to the next steps. 

If we don’t have coverage in your location: Try connecting to Wi-Fi.

2. Check if there is an issue with the specific website or app you’re trying to access

Try opening a different website on your phone, like, to see if you can connect to the Internet. If so, there might be an issue with the website or app you're trying to use.

If another website doesn’t work, continue on to the next steps.

3. Make sure cellular data is turned on
  1. On your phone, open the Settings app Settings app
  2. Under "Wireless & networks," tap Data usage
  3. Next to “Cellular data,” make sure the switch is on
4. Make sure you’re not calling and using data at the same time

The ability to use data and call at the same time depends on the network you’re on. It won’t always work.

5. Turn Airplane mode on, then off
Turning Airplane mode on and off will reset some settings and may fix your connection.
  1. On your phone, open the Settings app Settings app
  2. Under “Wireless & Networks,” tap More
  3. Move the switch next to “Airplane mode” to the On position
  4. Move the switch to the Off position

Make sure Airplane mode is off when you’re done. Calling won’t work if Airplane mode is on.

6. Restart your phone
Restarting your phone gives it a fresh start and is sometimes all you need to fix your issue. To restart your phone, follow these steps:
  1. Press and hold the Power button until the menu pops up
  2. Tap Power off, and your phone will turn off
  3. Press and hold the Power button until your device starts
7. Check for Project Fi app updates

Updates to the Project Fi app can provide feature and security improvements that may fix your issue. 

To check if there’s an update for the Project Fi app, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, open the Google Play Store app Play Store.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then My apps and games. Apps with available updates are labeled "Update."
  3. If there's an update available, select the Project Fi app and tap Update.
8. Check for system updates

System updates for your phone can provide improvements that may fix your issue. To check for and install system updates, follow these steps:

  1. On your phone, open the Settings app Settings app
  2. Tap System
  3. Tap System Update
  4. Tap Check for update
    • If a system update is available, tap Install. You might need to restart your phone to complete the update.
    • If a system update is not available, the screen will say “Your system is up to date."

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