Use a Google Account with Project Fi

When you sign up for Project Fi, you can use a Google Account you already have or create a new Google Account. You’ll be able to sign in to Gmail, Google+, YouTube, and other Google products with a single username and password.

Accounts that work with Project Fi

Most Google Accounts can be used with Project Fi, including:

  • Google Accounts with "" email addresses.
  • Some work or school accounts that use your own domain name (see below). 
  • Other Google Accounts, like "" or "" email addresses.

Google Accounts for work or school

If you have a work or school Google Account, also known as G Suite,  your administrator has to turn on Project Fi service and Google Payments first. Otherwise, sign up with a new Google Account to use Project Fi.

Fix Google Account issues

Delete your Google Account

To make sure that your Project Fi service runs smoothly, contact us before you delete your Google Account. Contact a Project Fi expert.

What to do if your admin turns off Project Fi

When the admin for your work or school account blocks Project Fi, your service will still work for 30 days. To keep using Project Fi, choose an option:

Restore your Google Account

If you can’t sign in to your Google Account, you’ll still be able to use Project Fi. You won’t be able to access the Project Fi app or website. 

To restore your account, fill out the Account support form. For more help, contact a Project Fi expert.

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