Signal booster registration

Signal boosters are devices that can help boost wireless signals to improve coverage. If you use a signal booster, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that you register it with Project Fi before you start using it.

Registration is required by the FCC to make sure signal boosters are not interfering with cellular networks. It also helps Project Fi maintain network coverage and reliability. In the event signals boosters are causing networking problems, it allows Project Fi to identify the booster and troubleshoot the issue.

What’s collected when you register

  • Name and Project Fi phone number
  • Address where the booster will be used
  • Details on the booster including manufacturer, model, serial number, and FCC ID

We collect this information so we can contact you and identify the location of the signal booster if there is a network issue that might be caused by the booster. All information is collected as explained by the Google Privacy Policy and the Project Fi Privacy Notice.

How to register

Once you've submitted this form you'll be registered:

Signal booster registration form

If you own or operate more than one signal booster: Fill out the form for each booster.

If you need to update any information: Fill out the form again, and let us know that it’s an update to a previous registration.

If you already have a signal booster: Please fill out the form.

More information

You can read more about the FCC requirements on the FCC website. You can also contact a Project Fi expert with any questions.

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