Reactivate your Google Fi service

You can reactivate Fi at any time after you cancel your Google Fi service and close your account.

If your Fi account was canceled more than 60 days ago, you can open a new Fi account.

Reactivate within 7 days

Important: If you’ve already transferred your number to another carrier, contact Google Fi support to bring back your account.

If you cancel your Google Fi service but don’t transfer your number to another carrier, you have 7 days to undo your cancellation:

  1. On your device, go to the Google Fi app Fi or sign in to
  2. In the banner at the top, tap Reactivate.

Reactivate within 60 days

To reactivate your account for up to 60 days after cancellation, contact Google Fi Support.

If we close your Fi account for non-payment, you can pay your balance and open a new Fi account through Google Fi Support.

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