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My number transfer isn’t working

If you have problems transferring your number to Google Fi, use the instructions on this page to help troubleshoot.

"Couldn't transfer your number" error

If your number transfer doesn't go through, you'll get a notification in the Google Fi app that will tell you what to do.

I get a "carrier info doesn't match" notification

The account info you entered when you started your number transfer has to be 100% accurate.

If your number transfer doesn’t go through, a lot of times it’s caused by incorrect account information. For example, your transfer won’t work with a misspelled name, an incorrect billing address, or incorrect PIN.

You’ll have the chance to enter your info and try again.

Here are some things to check:

  • Watch out for typos.
  • Account numbers are hard to find and it’s easy to forget your PIN number. Contact your previous carrier. They should be able to provide this info. 
  • Try to enter your account number without any dashes.
  • You usually need to provide the account owner’s info. If you’re on a family plan, find out who's listed as the account owner. 

You can also learn more about what's needed for each carrier

I get a "contact us" notification

Some issues need to be fixed by the support team. Contact a Google Fi expert and we’ll take care of it. 

My transfer is taking a long time

You’ll start your number transfer once you have your phone. Once you start the transfer, find out how long transfers usually take. If your transfer is taking longer than expected, contact a Google Fi expert.

My transfer is done but I can't use some features

Keep in mind that some features might not work immediately after your transfer is completed. There might be a brief delay from when your number is ported and you can send and receive text messages again.

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