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Cancel your Project Fi service

You can cancel your Project Fi service at any time without any termination fees. If you don't want to cancel your account permanently, you can stop your Project Fi service temporarily. If you no longer want to be part of a Project Fi group plan, you can leave or remove members.

If you canceled your account, you can reactivate your canceled Project Fi service at any time.

Some things to note before canceling

How to transfer your number

Your Project Fi service will stay active until we know your number is safely with your new carrier. To transfer your number:

  1. Cancel your service on the Project Fi website (see below).
  2. We’ll provide you with the "port out" account number & password. 
    • Tip: Once you cancel, you'll see a notification with this info in the Project Fi app and website if you need to access it later.
  3. Share your port out info with your new carrier.
    • Tip: If your new carrier requests your name and address, use the name associated with the Google Account you use with Project Fi, and your Project Fi Service address.
  4. Your number will be transferred once your new carrier has verified your info with Project Fi, and then we'll close your account. 
What happens with your phone

Within 15 days of receiving your phone

If you bought your phone through Project Fi and it’s been 15 days or less since you received your phone, you can choose to return your phone for a refund.

Over 15 days since you received your phone

If it’s been more than 15 days since you received your phone, you won’t be able to return the phone for a refund.

If you’re making monthly payments on your phone, you’ll need to pay the remaining balance. You’ll see this balance on your next statement after you cancel and it’ll be automatically charged to the credit or debit card on your account. There’s no option to return the phone and not pay the remaining balance.

Moving to another carrier?

Your phone is not locked to Project Fi service, so if you want to use it with another carrier after you cancel your Project Fi service, you can.

If you have an overdue balance

If you have an overdue balance on your account, you’ll need to pay it in full before you can close your Project Fi account. An overdue balance is a balance you owe from a billing cycle prior to your final billing cycle when you cancel. You can still transfer your number to another provider or Google Voice by contacting Fi Support.

How to cancel your Project Fi service

  1. Open the Project Fi website or app Project Fi .
  2. In the "Account" tab, under "Your Plan," click Manage plan.
  3. Select Cancel service.
  4. Follow the steps. You can choose to:
    • Transfer your number to another carrier.
    • Transfer your number to Google Voice.
    • Give up your number.

You'll see a notification that your Project Fi service has been canceled when you sign into your account.

Your final billing statement

You’ll receive a billing statement at the end of your final billing cycle. You won’t see any charges under “Next month’s charges” for your monthly data budget. If you canceled your service in the middle of a billing cycle, you’ll get a credit for Fi basics for any days remaining in the cycle.

You may also receive another statement if your account has delayed charges for international usage, since international charges can take up to 90 days to appear. 

If, due to credits, you have a positive balance on your account 60 days after the bill date once you close your account., this balance will be refunded to the primary credit or debit card on your account. Service credits are non-refundable.

Trouble canceling your service

Can't transfer Google Voice number

If you don’t see the option to transfer your number to Google Voice, it’s likely because Google Voice no longer supports this number or numbers in this area.

Google Voice’s number availability changes regularly, so even if your number was previously on Google Voice, it can’t always be transferred back. If you’d like to keep this number, we recommend transferring it to another carrier that supports it.


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