Your Project Fi billing cycle

You’ll receive a copy of your monthly billing statement via email when it becomes available. The statement will also be available in the Project Fi app and on the website.

When to expect your monthly statement

In most cases, your billing cycle is set on the day you activate your service. So if your service started on June 4, your first billing cycle will end on July 4, your next on August 4, and so on.

However, if you activate your service on the 28th to the 1st, your billing cycle will be set to the 2nd of the month. For example, if you start your service on June 30, your first billing cycle will end on August 2, your next on September 2, and so on. 

You’ll receive your statement via email 2 days after the end of each billing cycle. You can see the statement in the Project Fi app or on the website as soon as the billing cycle ends. It’ll be marked “Preview – still finalizing” until you get the email.

How your bill gets paid

10 days after your monthly statement becomes available, your bill is automatically charged to the primary credit or debit card on your account. Automatic payment is required for Project Fi.

Learn more about how your bill gets paid and how to update your credit card information.

Billing cycle FAQs

Can I change my billing cycle or the date my automatic payment is charged?

Your billing cycle and the date your payment is charged to your card can’t be changed.

Can I make a manual payment before the automatic payment goes through?

Manual payments are only available if your automatic payment fails to go through. Learn how to fix a declined payment.

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