Activate your Google Fi service

Important: Google Fi must be activated within the US. After activation, Fi service can be used outside of the US.

Before you get started

New to Fi?

  • If you’re new to Fi, sign up at
  • You can order a free SIM card during the sign-up process or purchase one at an authorized retailer.
  • If you purchased a SIM card at a retail location, select Bring your own phone during the sign-up process. After you confirm that your phone is compatible with Fi, in the "We'll send a free SIM" section, select Don’t need a new SIM.

Transferring your number?

Most transfers take less than 15 minutes, but some can take up to 24 hours. Learn how to transfer your number.

Plug in your phone

To make sure your phone doesn't lose power during setup, keep it plugged in until you’re done with setup.
It’s also a good idea to fully charge the battery as soon as you get a chance.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network

For the best setup experience, you'll want access to a Wi-Fi network.

Set up your iPhone

Insert your SIM card

Open the SIM tray on your iPhone and insert your SIM card.

Download the Google Fi app

Go to the App store or and download the Google Fi app. We recommend that you complete activation within the United States. To complete your setup, follow the app instructions and restart your phone.

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