Turn alerts on or off

You can get alerts from Google Fi about your data usage. You can also choose to get messages with Google Fi news, updates, and tips & tricks.

If you turn all notifications off, you'll still get some other messages from Google Fi about your service—for example we'll let you know about order-related updates, if there's an issue with your account, or if you have an overdue payment. These messages are only sent when there are important changes made on your Google Fi account.

Here's how to turn alerts on or off:

  1. Open the Google Fi website or app Fi.
  2. In the Account tab, go to "Account Settings".
  3. Select Alerts.
  4. Select the alerts you want to receive.

Emergency alerts

You can choose to get alerts when there are nearby threats or emergencies. These alerts are separate from the Google Fi service notifications described above. 

Please note that even if emergency alerts are turned on, messages can’t always be sent to your phone. If your phone is on Wi-Fi only mode or no cell signal is available, messages might not go through. 

Here’s how to turn emergency alerts on or off:

  1. On your phone, open Settings Settings app.
  2. Tap Sound.
  3. Tap Advanced.
  4. Tap Emergency alerts.
  5. Select the alerts you want to receive.

Data spike notification

You will receive a notification on your Android device whenever your data usage unexpectedly spikes within a short time frame.

You can click Review usage to see your data usage. To turn off these notifications you can do so from the actual notification or in the app:

  1. Open the Google Fi Android app. 
  2. Account settings and then Alerts
  3. Turn off "Notify when your data usage spikes."
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