Fix a declined payment

If an automatic bill payment is declined, you’ll receive an email and notifications in the Google Fi app and website. To avoid an interruption of your Google Fi service, you’ll need to make a payment within 3 days of the failed payment. You’ll also need to confirm that your current payment info is up to date and accurate.

Follow these steps:

1. Make a payment

When a payment has been declined, you’ll see a notification throughout the Google Fi app and website that you need to make a payment. 

Follow the link to make a payment in order to get your account back in good standing. You’ll be directed to add a new card to make the payment. 

  • If you want to keep this card on file for future payments, select it as your primary payment method. 
  • If you want to make a one-time payment with this card, deselect it as your primary payment method. 
2. Make sure your payment info is correct

Once you’ve made a payment, check that your primary credit or debit card info is up to date. A declined payment could be due to inaccurate or outdated credit or debit card info. For example, your card may have expired and you need to update it with a new expiration date.

Learn how to update your card info or add a new credit or debit card.

Note: If you update your payment info first, we'll try to charge your updated credit or debit card. If it goes through, the “Payment not received” notification will disappear from the Google Fi app and website.  

What happens if your declined payment isn’t fixed

If an automatic payment is declined, you’ll receive emails and notifications letting you know when you need to make a payment to keep your service active.

Service on hold after 3 days

If you’re not able to pay the amount due within the specified time, your account will be placed on hold. This means you won’t be able to make or receive calls, send or receive texts, or use data. If you're on the Unlimited plan, your Google One subscription will also be suspended.

Termination after 60 days

If you’re unable to pay the amount due within 60 days after your service is placed on hold, your account will be terminated and your number deactivated. You will need to contact a Google Fi expert to turn your service back on. 

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