Secure calls with end-to-end encryption

Keep your phone calls secure with end-to-end encryption, so conversations stay between you and the person you talk to. If you both use Android phones on Fi, your calls are kept private with end-to-end encryption.

Use end-to-end encryption

Your call is automatically end-to-end encrypted when:

  • You use Fi on an Android phone and call another Fi Android user.
  • Your call is between yourself and one other person.
  • You have a strong connection on Wi-Fi or service on LTE or greater during the call.
  • Both you and the person you call have microphone permissions turned on for the Fi app.

You can turn on microphone permissions for the Fi app by changing app permissions on your Android phone. If you want to turn off encryption, turn off microphone permissions.

Important: Voicemails aren't end-to-end encrypted.

Know when your call is encrypted

When you place an encrypted call, before your call connects, a unique ringing tone plays.

Before your call connects and during the call, encrypted calls that use the Google Phone app have a Lock Lock on the screen. When you meet all other criteria but don’t use the Google Phone app, your call remains encrypted even without the Lock Lock.

Learn more about how Fi keeps your calls secure.

Know when your call isn’t encrypted

Even if you fit the criteria, your call won’t be end-to-end encrypted if:

  • You call with the Messages by Google app.
  • You reach voicemail. Voicemails aren't end-to-end encrypted.
  • You are on a conference call.

Encrypted text messages

Currently, Fi doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption for texting. For more secure chat conversations, you can use the Messages by Google app. If both you and the person you’re texting turn on “Messages” and “Chat features” the Messages app automatically upgrades your conversations with another individual to end-to-end encryption. With encryption, the content of your messages is more secure in transmission from device-to-device.

Learn more about encryption in Messages.

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