PingShot Overview and FAQ

What is it?

PingShot is a quick notification service that enables your feed to be updated in the widest variety of places as quickly as you add new content.

Who needs PingShot and why?

Content creators of all types - from bloggers and podcasters to large commercial publishers. Anyone who wants their subscribers to have immediate access to new content they create. Informal studies reveal that both impatient and patient people seem to like PingShot.

Aggregators, search engines, podcast directories, and any service that can receive and wants to provide the most up-to-date feed content. Do your part to keep the Internet fresh: Say "No" to stale content.

What will it help me do that I can't or don't want to do today?

Today, the responsibility for informing aggregators, search engines, and directories when your content is updated rests largely in your hands. And let's face it, you're busy. With the introduction of PingShot, FeedBurner will not only keep and maintain a quickly growing and changing list of content aggregators, we will also inform (or ping) these third parties as soon as content changes are detected. Bye-bye manual task for you.

Why was PingShot created?

There are a lot of different aggregators, search engines, and like services with more coming on the market every day. Each of these services follows a different schedule when polling for new content. Without PingShot, it can take between 30 minutes and six hours for content to be updated everywhere it is consumed. When you have something to say, you want it read/heard/seen, right?

What makes PingShot different from other solutions?

PingShot is an open directory. Any third party can register to participate by by using the PubSubHubbub protocol.

And for you publishers, the service is automatic by simply activating it once within the Publicize section - just set and forget it. (You can come back and deactivate it whenever you want.) Also, our super high-powered extra strength feed management technology ensures that only changes in content trigger notification. So, there's that.

What are the technical requirements to participate?

Publishers need only click a button within the Publicize tab of the FeedBurner application to activate PingShot. Third party subscribers can receive real-time updates by subscribing via the PubSubHubbub protocol.

How do I make PingShot real-time?

For real-time delivery, publishers should ping FeedBurner with their website's link after they publish new content.

Ok, you've convinced me. How do I play?

Publishers: Sign in to your Google Account and activate the service from FeedBurner's Publicize tab.

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