About SmartCast's "Explicit Content" settings

FeedBurner’s SmartCast service allows you to designate your podcast as “explicit,” “not explicit,” or “clean.” This setting is embedded in your feed and used by services like iTunes and Yahoo Podcasts to provide more useful content listings.

SmartCast's explicit content settings

Here’s what the three options mean:

Not explicit (“No”)

“No” is the default setting. If you choose “No,” you’re indicating that your podcast is appropriate for listeners and viewers of all ages, walks, colors, and heights. And shoe sizes.

Explicit (“Yes”)

Choose “Yes” if your podcast content is explicit — that is, not appropriate for children or folks who may be offended by “adult” language. Generally speaking, you should choose “Yes” if the movie version of your podcast would be rated PG-13 or R.


A clean podcast was once explicit, but has been cleaned, censored or “bleeped.” This is like a Jay-Z record at Wal-Mart — it’s technically not explicit but your kids will ask where all the words went.

What if I’m confused?

If you have questions or comments about explicity (not a word) or anything else, really, visit our support forums.