Creating a FeedBurner feed for podcasting

So, you created an audio program. You uploaded the files to a web server. You also publish a blog with posts that contain links to your audio/video files. What's next? Enter FeedBurner.

An RSS feed is the final step in transforming your collection of audio/video files into a bona fide podcast! With FeedBurner's SmartCast service, you can use any blogging tool that creates a feed to publish your podcast. Here's how it works: If your blog post contains a link (<a href=""></a>) to an audio/video file, we'll convert it to an RSS enclosure — a special link found only in your feed — that programs like iPodder, iTunes and NetNewsWire recognize. Google Reader and several other online readers also recognize enclosures and offer a playback link or audio control when they encounter them.

Podcasting News has a complete tutorial on publishing a podcast with Blogger and FeedBurner.