FeedBurner Help Forum Posting Guidelines

The Google FeedBurner Help forum is an unmoderated forum for discussion about FeedBurner. We encourage you to ask questions and search for answers. FeedBurner has publishers with years of experience using this service and working with feeds, so there should be a good opportunity to get your questions reviewed and (hopefully!) answered by one of our community experts.

While this forum is intended as a place for FeedBurner users to assist one another, from time to time a Google representative identified with a Google badge will post messages. Note: only posts marked with a Google badge are approved by Google.

Please read on for some guidelines and tips for making the most of your experience.

Google Help Forum Etiquette

  1. Keep it safe. Remember, your posts can be read by users around the world. Don't make the mistake of posting personal information of any kind, especially passwords, phone number, or credit card number. No Google representative will ever ask for this information in a forum post.
  2. Keep it clean. This forum is for users of all ages and backgrounds, so please do your part to encourage appropriate and up-beat discussion. We reserve the right to delete any objectionable message.
  3. Keep it on topic. We reserve the right to delete messages that are inappropriate intentionally off-topic, such as commercial advertisements or other promotional material, spamming/excessive multi-posting, chain letters, and binary (non-text) postings.
  4. Be nice, especially to newcomers. Many new FeedBurner users turn to the Google FeedBurner Help Discussion for advice. Remember to be patient and courteous with all users seeking help, especially those who are just getting started with blogging or podcasting, feeds, and FeedBurner.

Please be certain to read the Google Terms of Service, available at http://www.google.com/accounts/TOS, as these are the guidelines under which Google Help Forum will run.